Rich, intense steaks from older, 'mature' cows

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Fascinating article. When they first used the word “steer” I was like “what”??? A steer is male and is rarely allowed to become an ox and used in the old fashioned way. But in Spain, perhaps. But then reading about the place in Marin they’re using old dairy cows and that makes a world of sense. I’ll have to check this out. Thanks.

Only took about 4 years from my initial inquiry for this topic to become mainstream

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Good video on the topic

The chuleta de bue (ox rib-eye, more or less) at La Viña in San Sebastan was one of the best steaks I’ve had.

I’ve no doubt. When we’re in Spain again, I intend to go in search of this.

I had some homemade jerky from one of the local ranchers. It was a old bull that had to be harvested. Very tasty.

I love knowing that, Em. Nothing goes to waste.

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