Richmond/Berkeley/Emeryville - Less than 24 hours...where to go?

Coming up to the area for less than 24 hours for a family wedding. Staying in the Berkeley marina area. Are there any interesting places to hit while I’m here? I’ve got a lunch free on Friday and breakfast on Saturday before flying out. There’s no time for fine dining since I’ll be tied up at the wedding, but would love to try some things that might not exist in L.A. I will have a car during my short trip.

lunch Friday

breakfast Saturday

Brittany Crepes opens at 9:30 am. Owned by a Breton, real buckwheat galettes, tastes just like France. Ask for the French amount of butter, they cut it back a bit to suit local bad taste.


The breakfast menu at Bartavelle sort of splits the difference between Sqirl and Gjusta.

Acme Bread is right next door and in the morning they have a few pastries, both sweet and savory, including a great ham and cheese turnover.

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