Rincon Chileno - Maybe the Best Empanadas

Rincon Chileno is located in an area ripe for redevelopment, on Melrose about a quarter mile east of the 101, between Normandie and Vermont. I was able to easily find street parking right on Melrose.
There are really two shops: a tiny deli and an adjacent sit-down restaurant. I’ve purchased empanadas to go from the deli, but this time I wanted to relax and eat there. I was expecting a short menu of various empanadas, but found a full menu with various ceviches and cooked fish, meat, stews and sandwiches. And of course the empanadas. I ordered one cheese, and one beef. They’re pretty good sized, and run $3.95 each. The two empanadas and a diet Coke was under $10.

The beef empanada was my favorite. It was stuffed with ground beef, onion, cubed potato, egg and something sweet like currants. All the flavors made it a very interesting bite.

The cheese empanada was not nearly as interesting. It was just filled with mozzarella cheese. Fortunately, the chimichurri sauce was fresh and livened it up.

I’m going to make this a regular stop and start working my way through the rest of the menu. The chorizo also looked interesting.


The area most ripe for development … for past 2 decades lol… this city is quite funny… there are so many obvious places to build up yet here we are. they JUST started to build up east hollywood

thanks for the reminder about this place… it was on a food show some time back

While much younger than the Melrose location open since 1973, the family also has a small deli in Lawndale that serves the same menu just as deliciously. I find it to be an excellent pickup spot on the way to a South Bay beach.


Empanada de pino.

Pastel de choclo. Best enjoyed back home fresh from the oven.

:round_pushpin: Rincón Chileno Deli, 15418 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndale, South Bay :chile:


Looks great! In the Southbay you can also add in El Gaucho and Continental for more empanada goodness.


OMG! That steak sandwich with ejotes!!! Thanks so much for the heads up. Going down to Torrrance this weekend to pick up my Maido in a Box and will swing by!!


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The chacarero gets a bit soggy if not eaten fairly immediately… just as warning. Make sure to ask for their spicy sauce if they don’t offer it when you order.

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Thanks! We are pros at Trunk Lunch. :slight_smile: Will be sure to ask.