This news is the pits. Ugh x infinity


JL is not going to be happy.

Olympic Collection badly needs an “anchor” tenant. Some chef with a big enough name and good enough food to draw people into the complex. Other places could then benefit from the overflow/traffic.

I remember @J_L mentioning the inevitability of this. Huge loss to the Westside in this category. One of the few places I’ve felt drawn back to in the area.

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Unconfirmed right now but a source tells me Red Rock is opening its second LA location there, with an expanded menu.

They’re really good at what they do. Totally different kind of food but my carnivorous daughter will be pleased.

Yeah I think Red Rock’s overall vibe will totally work in Morinoya. Sad to see it go but Sawtelle’s very competitive.

Red Rock on sunset?

If Sawtelle is really competitive, i hope Yakitoriya holds on. Last time i went it wasn’t that busy. I know that it’s just two of them but would hate to see them go.

Pretty sure it’s this one:

Yeah I hardly see it very busy there. I think the affordable food kind of cuts into the pricier stuff on Sawtelle, which is a bummer. I went to Sasaya last night and they seem to be doing OK. Food’s still solid there.

I am in mourning.



What a shame, just had dinner last Friday, great late night option.


My last meal at Morinoya happened to also be one of my best meals of 2017. I am elated yet devastated. Mori-san, you will be missed sorely. May you enjoy your well-deserved retirement to its fullest.



I had a great last meal there, as well. Finally tried the Battera that everyone here is yammering about and loved it. The Assorted Agedashi was excellent. And the missus thought that the tori karaage was the best version she can remember having (love dat green tea salt).

Everyone was in such high spirits, much the same as my other visits.

I’m sad that they’re closing so soon after I “discovered” them, but I’m glad to have spent several delicious evenings there.


Any updates on when Sawtelle Red Rock is opening?

Sucks but I knew it wasn’t going to last forever.

Not sure when Red Rock is opening…if it is at all