Riverside Recs

Hi all! I’ll be heading to UCR for a fitness conference in a couple weeks. After searching FTC, I found mention of the Riverside location of Popcorn Chicken. Does anyone have intel as to whether this location’s beef noodle soup is on par with the Sawtelle location’s?

Alternatively, where else is a good/better bet? I didn’t find too many mentions of Riverside restaurants on the board.

I’ll be dining solo, hopefully after I’ve showered, but I will be dressed very casually. :smile_cat:
Criteria: near UCR, casual, less than $15 all-in, delicious


Elias if you want to play it safe.

But really, if you are waay out in Riverside, why play it safe. Go balls out and get a deep fried Korean burger at Red Hot Kitchen

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Dude is there like a place on this planet where you DON’T know a local recommendation?


Thank you! I’m intrigued :smile_cat: Considering I’ll be working out for two days straight at this conference, I think I can handle a gut bomb for dinner :joy_cat:

Also San Juan BBQ for tripleta sandwich and alcapurria.

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Oh wow! Just looked at photos on Yelp and this restaurant looks right up my alley. I’ll likely stop there on my way out of Riverside on Sunday. Thank you!

Thanks again for the recs. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try either establishment this time around, so no report back. There was a social event Saturday night with food and, while a food lover, I’m broke so free food wins. Sunday’s conference wrapped up earlier than expected, and I didn’t think I should walk into any establishment after a day of cycling, kickboxing, and athletic drills. San Juan BBQ will remain at the top of my Riverside “to-try” list the next time I’m out that way.

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