Roasted Pork Belly, Crispy Roast Duck, BBQ Pork - A Hong Kong BBQ Journey. [BONUS: Amazing Crackling Roasted Suckling Pig!] - Ruby BBQ, Ho Kee, Hop Woo, Sam Woo, New Duong Son BBQ, Lien Hoa BBQ, Noodle Boy, Monterey Palace [Thoughts + Pics]

I don’t know if you have friends who would be willing to translate for you, but one of our local super talented (former) executive chefs Andy Wai up here, used to helm Harbor Village San Francisco which back in the 1990s was an official branch of a famous seafood restaurant in Hong Kong. I’d say outside of Chef Yum of Yum’s Bistro, he is one of the Cantonese cuisine greats. He actually published two cookbooks, unfortunately mostly or all in Chinese. However you can either mail order them and maybe one of the bookstores in SF Chinatown would have them (similar price but cheaper so you don’t have to pay shipping), and definitely worth spending the time studying (and I guess google translate a lot as need be). Or perhaps there’s some Chinese bookstore in LA that might have it? He covers a lot of ground in Cantonese cuisine across those two books (lots of banquet type dishes too) and even had some of his own recipes from the past. He’s no longer working in a restaurant unfortunately.掌廚錦囊/1004108182-0-0-0-en/info.html百色百味/1022778383-0-0-0-en/info.html

Also use google translate, copy and paste chinese characters into youtube and see what comes up (e.g. specific dishes). We could have a separate thread in the cooking section, post a question about a dish and maybe some of us can help find say a youtube resource or online and do a quick translation.


Thanks for the recommendations, Google translate has been a big help in recent years, I’m just hoping that it will keep getting better and better.

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This spot randomly turned up in a Facebook ad as a ‘restaurant near you’ (I live in Hollywood):

Regardless, I’m intrigued. Anyone been yet?

That duck looks pretty good. I think I might have to check it out later this month when I’m back home as its just down the highway from my house.


I have to be in Industry tomorrow, but it’s unlikely I’ll have time to pop over there. Tried to go to Ruby’s today and they’re closed for vacation through the 17th. Blarghh.

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I was going to Corner Beef Noodle House in El Monte last night, but noticed the Sunny Shine BBQ Restaurant two doors down has more patrons and decided to try it out. The waitress recommended that I order half a roasted duck. I was surprised that the duck skin was slightly crispier than the Ruby’s BBQ version. Overall, the duck is tasty and meaty.
Sunny Shine BBQ (Cash Only)
3948 N. Peck Road, #7-8, El Monte, CA 91732


We had cold Roast Pork Belly and super cold Modelo Beer sitting in our car in the parking lot of Ruby BBQ today. The hours say 10am-9pm, but I think that’s because there are only two columns on a generic Business Hours sign. :wink: Regulars probably know there’s only takeout of lunch leftovers between 3-5pm. No biggie. Just a slight detour on our way home from Whittier. I’m glad they didn’t microwave it. After we eat it fresh & hot w/some nice sautéed greens on the side it will probably go on my Best of 2020 list.


Oh that roast pork!


Even cold it was good. :yum:

@JLee Pearl River Delta is now serving Char Siu Pork Neck.

I might just make the drive to LA for this


I am pretty sure that I am going to love PRD just as much as Ruby BBQ and Ming Kee. So happy to see Cantonese/HK food tradition alive and well, with the uncertainty of HK, for me this place is necessary.

This style of food is my absolute favorite, even though I eat like a crunchy granola vegan for half the week


Have you guys been to Needle? If so, what did you all think?

It’s been on my radar but haven’t had a chance to make it out there. Perhaps this weekend…

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chasiu is no joke. probably the best one i’ve eaten in the city. and i’ve eaten a lot of chasiu. i’ve been going crazy trying to put Needle on since I know there’s a lot of love for HK food here and what Chef Ryan is doing over there in Silverlake is special

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Had the Macao pork chop bun which was fine, but not transcendent, and the QPR wasn’t there.

So I guess I’ll be doing PRD for lunch and Needle for dinner!!

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Or you can do consecutive bangs - PRD - Ricebox - Needle

I am finishing up here at Needle.

I went to Pearl River as well. I have a lot of rice to use next week for leftovers lol



Pearl River Deli is doing Roast Duck (Soon!)

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