Roasting Chestnuts

I’ve been following a bunch of recipes online. The steps are essentially
Make n X or cut down the middle
Wrap in towel

My problem is that the chestnuts never seem to peel very easily. Whenever I buy chestnuts at Mitsuwa or Hisaya in Torrance the chestnuts separate cleanly (much more cleanly than mine at least). Both of these places are using different types of chestnuts.

Anybody have any advice or secrets on how to get the chestnuts out of the shell cleanly?

Yep. There are 2 types of chestnuts. The smaller ones that are found in Japan and in Italy do seem to peel easier. For any kind of chestnuts the trick is to not let them cool of, like not at all. Skin just adheres once it begins to cool off. Heat resistant gloves!

The chestnuts are from hmart, not the small ones that I love but don’t know where to buy raw. Tried to peel while still warm. Success rate was like 25%.