Rodeo 39 Public Market - Stanton

Previously a dilapidated shopping center with about as much customer traffic as the Salton Sea, this entire shopping center has been redeveloped, mainly consisting of a few major corporate tenants, all centered around a food hall featuring small business owners. The collection is impressive, with it being a nice convenient bang bang potential within the food hall and surrounding area.

I did a triple bang, although it would have been a bang^4 or bang^5 had the crowds not been so long and Banh Xeo Boyz was not open.

Kra-Z-Kai’s Laotian BBQ has a mix BBQ plate feature most of their meats, but like others on this board have reported from their Corona location, the house BBQ sausage is fantastic. We had it over white rice, and ya’ll know my affinity for animal fats over rice. Dunk each meat in their BBQ sauce which is citrusy with a nice fish sauce funk, it is so good. For those not willing to venture into Corona, Stanton is much closer and the flavor is the same.

Steel Pan Pizza was not too crowded, so we got a pepperoni and a veggie, both were really good and not greasy. They come piping hot out of the oven and the bottom is crispy with a nice buttery flavor. Definitely a nice Detroit style pizza with high quality ingredients. The pepperoni had a nice spicy salty flavor. Definitely make this part of your bang. Goes great with beer from Bearded Tang Brewery nearby.

My First Kiss was on the cards from dessert because of the offerings. Grabbed a ube banana pudding, turon banana pudding, and an ube cheesecake. The turon banana pudding was exactly how it sounds, very nice twisted on the classic Southern dish. The fried eggroll wrapper makes it.

There were other places to try, but we were deterred by line lines or they were not open such as Banh Xeo Boyz. Shootz sounded interesting with their kimchi katsu and mac salad sandwich, just too long of a line so we passed for another day to try it. They also have an In n Out in the shopping center.

Nice addition to the neighborhood and a very good use of this real estate. I could definitely see myself coming here often.

Rodeo 39 Public Market
12885 Beach Blvd
Stanton, CA 90680


stopped by here this weekend, this plaza is insane - in addition to the aforementioned Rodeo 39, there’s also an InO + Raising Cane’s. If I lived around here, I would be here all the f’ing time.

As to the food itself, mixed bag for my first visit but overall I find myself happier here than GCM…

  • Kra Z Kai - Maybe I’m just used to thai sausage at this point, and I really wanted to like this place, but both the sausage and the fried rice fell short for me. Not a “wok hei” style of fried rice.

  • Steel Pan - fantastic pepperoni pizza, beautiful crispy pepperoni. Reminds me of 90’s pizza hut, in the best kind of way.

  • My First Kiss - pistachio cannoli was pretty good, excellent crisp on the shell even the next day. Also an incredible banana cream pie that I’m still working through

  • Banh Xeo Boys - I actually came here for BCB but overall left kinda disappointed. Good ingredient quality but I didn’t crave any of it afterwards. Sad, sad amount of given fish sauce for all the food. Pandan horchata is good though!

Really wanted to try the hawaiian joint but alas, no more space in the belly, and I love Oi so no need to stop by but wanted to mention that they’re there.


Aww that’s too bad about Banh Xeo Boys.

Steel Pan is one of my favorites for pizza. Perhaps one of the best Detroit style in So Cal


My kids make a run for Steel Pan every time we go.
The pasta (but not the gnocchi) is surprisingly good at the pasta place by Kra Z Kai’s.
The salad with lobster, crab & shrimp at Hook & Anchor is pretty tasty.
The Hawaiian place you can skip…nothing special to write home about.
If you’re super game, visit the Naugles down the street.


The pasta next to Krazy Kai was actually really good. The lines at Phoholic are really long but they’ll serve steaming hot metal bowls of pho to anybody sitting in the courtyard. Steel Pan is a must. The kids love the pork belly skewers at RTE.

My only gripe is Bearded Tang. I know people like them but they just don’t do it for me.





Speaking of pho - this place is up the street for a bang bang - anyone know if this rating accurate?


You could have left your car in the lot and walked across the street to Naugles.
But also plenty of parking in the Naugles lot. 1-2 minute drive max…including stoplights.


Dude as a fellow Team Del Taco member you gotta have some Naugles next time!!


It’s pretty damn good. I have it as one of the best in Little Saigon.

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Just saw theyre opening one in Burbank on Olive at the media district ( though I don’t really think of this location as in the media district.)

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Pho Akaushi opened up down the block from here. Phoholic also has another location at Rodeo

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And Phoholic is busy every time I go to Rodeo. Never been, though.


Pho Akaushi is pretty good IMO; just don’t waste your time/money on the gimmicky “carpaccio” appetizer. I really liked the flavor of the broth, and having gone there and Phoholic within the past week, I liked Akaushi better. but it’s twice the cost for the same size.


Phoholic is always the busiest place at Rodeo 39. Still havent tried it though.

Phoholic is really good - no fuss - just pho and you add the different combos of meat - steak, flank, fatty flank, tendon, tripe, brisket, meat balls, crunchy flank, oxtail, knee bone, back rib, eggs etc.

caveat - my friend owns it, but I ate there for the first time before knowing he owned it (original location - my wife and daughter had the stanton location and said it was really good)


Do you Pho Akaushi is better than Pho 79?

Sorry, just saw this; my initial reaction is absolutely not – Pho 79 is my favorite bowl of pho, the oxtails are :star_struck: and the QPR cannot be beat.

BUT really thinking about it, if one is judging purely on flavor of the broth without any other factors involved, gosh it’s awfully close between the two, and I might give Akaushi a slight edge.

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Steel Pan is great!

The Gai Yang was actually pretty good! Isaan Station is still the one to beat.

The Papaya Salad was dumbed down.

I asked for sticky rice but I got steamed.

Should have read the thread to see that the sausage is where it’s at.


I don’t blame them nam pu and padek are not for everyone.

I guess they are fine with it?