Rodeo 39 Public Market - Stanton

It was packed!

Insane how much this place has changed. Before there was a Wendy’s and a Mimi’s I think. Everywhere else was abandoned and dead. Back in my ambulance days we used to kick it here until we got a call. It was a ghost town.

Now there is some housing. In addition to Rodeo 39 there is In N Out, Raising Canes, and a Panda. So basically the 3 busiest fast food places. There is really cool arcade that is literally from the 90’s. If you were a kid in the 90’s you will enjoy the nostalgia and the games. Other than Steel Pan not much caught my eye. There is a pasta place that looks pretty good and a place doing burgers/steaks with higher quality cuts. Phoholic closes at 10pm so that’s an option. It’s good for city of Stanton to bring in some $$$. I know a few more food halls have popped up around So Cal but when it comes to the food it’s targeting the younger crowd which is understandable


my god thank u for reminding me of isaan station. maybe the most underrated resto on this forum


The arcade is open? Weird that they would finally open now when it’s been closed every time I went over the past year or so. The kids like the skewers at RTE. Hironori was fine but I wouldn’t go back there with so much better ramen closer by.


I think most of us here agree they have the best Gai Yang around.