Rori's Artisinal Ice Cream on Montana Ave - SM

From Santa Barbara comes this new ice cream shop in SM, and it’s really good. I’m a big fan of Sweet Rose, particularly their sherbet, but this place has flavors I’ve never heard of (nor thought would exist): Root Beer Float, Cheesecake, etc new flavors daily. It’s rich, but it’s good:


I live at Sweet Rose.

But this place is in walking distance (from where I actually live). Oh no!!

What’s the difference between “artisanal” and “non-artisanal” ice cream?

Isn’t non like a Dreyers. And artisanal is like a mc Connelly or sweet rose ???

Not that I necessarily care for either of them.

I imagine they use it in their name to distinguish that it’s different than what you buy in the store. To quote Webster’s: (of a product, especially food or drink) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.

what’s your local fix for the good stuff, ie pastrami and hot dogs?

It’s a rather imprecise definition. By that definition, the vast majority of full-serve restaurants would qualify as artisanal. It seems that places use “artisanal” as marketing term.

I guess the white rice I cook could be considered “artisanal”, too.

About $3.