Rowland Heights' Little Highness Bao Opens Up Branch In Beverly Hills. Let Me Repeat That. Little Highness Bao opens up across from Saks Fifth Avenue

Either that or I’m asleep right now and in the middle of an odd dream.

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starting the death clock


I saw that out the window of a bus yesterday and thought it seemed out of place.

I wonder what kind of rent they are paying.

Is this a branch from China?

That’s a lot of dough from a not so popular joint

We found their first location in Rowland Heights so mediocre, we didn’t want to go back. :frowning:

But there ain’t no other casual familiar eatery close-by for the Chinese stomachs (TM @chandavkl) who just emerged from Barneys or Saks after having bought out their entire Chanel 2016-2017 Resort handbag collection inventory.

(On that note - Maybe Chairman Xi’s corruption task force has set up cameras in the place…)

That’ll make it perfect for the 91201.

They seemed out of place in Rowland Heights.

LOL. :slight_smile:

Has anybody tried their new fishpot restaurant in Rowland Heights next to their bao shoppe?

i note that la eater has yet to link properly this article to any SGV links for those of us who try to find new SGV related articles that way. @JThur01 i know you have nothing to do with that, but you might want to give the la eater webmaster a nudge or two just out of enlightened self interest so as to improve the hit count on your articles.


The fishpot place hasn’t opened, or at least it had not as of the time I wrote the round-up. I didn’t get a tentative opening date. They were busy worrking on the interior, but it looked like it would be a while. If it hasn’t opened by early April, I’ll try to pin down a date.

Little Highness to Beverly Hills is even more shocking than Northern Cafe turning up in Westwood.

This is true, both what it is and how I have nothing to do with it, unlike the Weekly where I enter my articles into the publishing platform (the earlier platform we had a lot of code to use). As a reader, hopefully, they’d listen to you :slight_smile: Matt K. is here from time to time, perhaps get his attention.

i did leave a comment as to how i couldn’t find the article from the page marked SGV archives, but i could find in the neighborhood SGV page - but the february article wasn’t linked there. it could be costing them hits/clicks.

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