Roxy's in Sacramento

It seems I’m going to be sending some time in and around Sacramento the next little while and on this occasion, the ladyfriend suggested Roxy’s, a pretty straightforward upscale bar with local, grassfed beef. Mostly we went owing to said ladyfriend’s love for their high end manhattan.

The cuts of the night were a 6oz filet and an 11oz my strip, both ordered rare.

The filet was perfect and tender and cooked just right. The baked potato was, as advertised, LOADED with sour cream and chives and cheese and a surprising amount of serious bacon.

The strip was more flavorful than the filet, as I’d expect, and VERY well seasoned, but seemed a touch overdone. Their version of mashed potatoes includes some smoky chipotle and cheddar.

The upshot of all this, and lord, I DO mean ALL was that it was a bit much. Each of the potatoes was fine in and of itself, but with a steak sitting on a bed of parsnips and fantastic carrots glazed with the pan drippings, it would have been nice to NOT have MORE flavor and MORE fat and MORE to sort out.

Anyone have other suggestions of similar price/quality? Hell, any Sac. area of suggestions of any sort are welcome.

Putting this under SF since that’s where Sac news seems to end up on

Sounds to me like the food is very good and you over-ordered, and got exactly what you (over)ordered. Based upon what you describe, I’d be more inclined to return and order differently (i.e., no potato, or order a plain potato, or a different side) because if the steak is very good and the plate is flavorful, you may have a difficult time getting better.

Mashed potatoes with cheddar and a loaded baked potato?

My 2 centavos

We ordered two entrees which came with a choice of sides and the be of veggies.

My criticism is that the sides are the only versions the offer. You can’t get plain mashed potatoes. (Well you probably could but it seems like kind of a dick move to order off menu like that)

Mostly I was posting it as an experience. The food was quite good (though for the price I be had better steaks.) I don’t know that I’ve ever felt overwhelmed by potatoes before.