Rudy & Hudson: Pretty decent Breakfast Burrito

Rudy & Hudson just opened in the former IHOP at SaMo Blvd and 20th.
Joe Miller from the defunct, eponymous Joe’s reportedly has something to do with it, though the menu is so banal, one wonder what/why/how. Still there is a place for simple things done well, so I trotted over to try the chorizo breakfast burrito. It was a mighty good and filling grease bomb, with some excellent tasting chorizo and grilled mild, green pepper (as well as decent guacamole) raising it up (just a bit) from the breakfast burrito one can get at at a million loncherias around town.


Was there last week, am holding out any review until I go back. It was a disaster, but they’re new, so…

Joe was in the kitchen, overseeing. Didn’t help.

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My post is not meant to be an endorsement. I just picked the least horrible sounding thing on the menu and found it (barely) adequate .

Ah, a very helpful clarification. On my one and only trip to Joe’s many yrs ago, I tried the breakfast burrito and was singularly unimpressed by how the kitchen could get seemingly high quality ingredients to taste so… bland. Was never tempted to go back.

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My experience this past weekend was similar and, like you, I had planned to withhold judgment based on that one early visit. Notably, though, the server cautioned before taking the order that the kitchen was running very slow and, at the end of the meal, encouraged a return visit once they got up to speed. Kind of surprising that, with all his experience, Joe was having such opening problems with his kitchen.

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Place is shuttered.