Russ & Daughters pop-up


Was actually just at Russ & Daughters in NYC last week. First time there. Found the lox to be above average, but not as good as my favorites in LA (Wexler’s for one). The bagels were mediocre at best. Didn’t get the hype.

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Ah, but the mystique :slight_smile: I personally prefer to get my lox from Zabar’s and bagels from Absolute Bagels, both UWS.

Isn’t Rose already pretty crowded on weekends?

The bagels at R&D are average - always have been. Many better bagels to be had in NYC.

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They aren’t serving lox at this event, unless that’s what they mean by smoked fish platter.

I can get smoked salmon at a million places here, can’t get lox. :slight_smile:

Pet peeve: I really dislike how places are interchangeably using the term “smoked salmon” and “lox”, like Wexler’s. They are not the same thing. I’m sure they feel if they call it the same thing long enough, eventually it will indeed be the same.