Russian style pâté

Russian only in the way that it’s rolled up with a butter layer, as I grew up with.

Chicken and calf’s liver (huntington’s), mushrooms, dried mushrooms, cognac, bitters, a bit of wine, regular aromatics.

Very happy with this first effort.


Very curious. Is that the finished product? If so, it’s unlike any pate’ I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly not spreadable. How does one eat it and when would one serve it? It looks delicious :slight_smile:

yep… it’s a rulet (roulette). that’s how people do it in the transcaucases

it is very spreadable, there’s tons of butter in it and you serve it room temp where the butter layer is soft but still separate.

it’s one of the zakuski (appetizers) served as you sit down to chase your vodka or cognac

Oh my non-god!!! I’m packing and moving there!!!

Thanks for explaining. How wonderful that you have such a culture.

haha… it’s anywhere we go… any time i visit my aunties it’s a table like this… and then the main dishes start to come… and then a variety of baked goods. they’re nuts

A few years ago, while touring Turkey in all its glory, I made the decision to stop using the word “amazing” to describe food. But that is AMAZING! Lucky you.