Saha - Berkeley

An impressive dinner. Nice space, very good food, lovely server.

Any 3 courses (1 from each part of the menu) $45 (or $40 if veg only), or you can just order individual dishes.

I had
(1) Lahoh - yemini salad. Nice faint heat, good freshness.
(2) Chicken Bastilla - very tasty - could have been a bit flakier.
(3) Spicy seafood tagine - fantastic. Fish was cooked perfectly - salmon just barely done, shrimp and scallop perfect. I wasn’t a fan of the ahi texture in this dish (although it was properly rare inside). But overall, I loved it.

Dining companion had (which I tasted)
(1) Stuffed avocado - a nice start (but glad I ordered my Lahoh)
(2) Roasted cauliflower - great sauce - delish
(3) Lamb Curry - solid

Interesting wine list, although we brought a bottle from Berkeley’s newest - Windchaser Anderson Valley Pinot Gris. Corkage $20.

Too stuffed for dessert.

We had a good meal there not long after they opened. Guess I forgot to post about it. Much better food than what I had at the SF location.