Sake Day 2020 - Saturday September 26

A placeholder for anything Sake Day San Francisco 2020 related.

This year, the event will be held on 9/26/2020! Details won’t be further announced until May/June timeframe (and also for advanced tickets, I’ll post and update as they become available). Hopefully it will also be held at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco Japantown like last two years.

CCing in case people are interested in flying up for this major sake event and to plan for it: @TheCookie @attran99 @Starchtrade @Chowseeker1999 @formersushichef @Bagel @js76wisco @A5KOBE


I’ve already added it to my calendar. Going to make sure the friends are still down for it.


Definitely planning to make it this year! Thank you for the info

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Unfortunately the latest news is that Sake Day 2020 is cancelled.

Hopefully it will be back next year…

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Bummer! Probably still holding, huh?

Last I heard, they are hoping for Sake Day 2021 but nothing outlined yet.

But right now the sake industry in Japan is going through very hard times. Hopefully they can stay afloat with a huge slump in sales and can make it over here. While wine still flies off the shelves via mail order and delivery, I think sake sales are super slow in relation even over here.

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Real bummer about the Sake biz. It was just starting to come up here. I must admit to exploring natural wines more while sheltering-at-home. But it’s kinda’ frustrating and I’ve kissed a lot of frogs. If we like something and don’t buy a lot of it good luck getting it later and even if it does become available again it might not taste the same. I understand that’s the nature of natural wines, but still. I need a break. Plus, I think I’m really a Sake girl. So, my Sake Guru! This week I’m going to make Scallop Ceviche with Spicy Avocado Salsa Verde and maybe a little Stone Fruit like Green Pluots (wacky?) and Fish Tacos. What type of Sake would you drink with this meal?

Edit: @beefnoguy Not at the same time but I’m also going to make Vietnamese-style Caramel Salmon. Any suggestions for that?

The easiest thing to do is to pair those items with nama sake, so when you go to either K&L or Wally’s to buy them, ice packs and ice bags to transport them back and serve them chilled in your favorite wine glass. Nama sake are refreshing to drink during the summer, fuller bodied, more viscosity and mouth feel, and holds up to spicy fair brilliantly.

Between K&L and Wally’s there are quite a few choices from their website

Tedorigawa Kinka
Tamagawa Icebreaker
Masumi Arabashiri “First Run” Junmai Ginjo nama
Seikyo Omachi namasake
Born Muroka Nama Genshu Junmai Daiginjo (this might be fun with the scallops ceviche and adjust the amount of salsa you put in to experiment when pairing)

Or get two different bottles and taste then side by side. I would say Kinka and try Seikyo Omachi namasake as well (Seikyo is lighter so I would drink or taste that first then the Kinka), or Masumi and Seikyo if you want to compare two different styles of Junmai Ginjo nama.

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Okay, yes, I want to get at least two kinds. Also, did you see my Salmon edit?

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For the salmon you can probably try these

Pick up both, the Yuho is also very versatile with a bit of spicy cold dishes (e.g. the appetizers at Northern Chinese dumpling restaurants).

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Thanks @beefnoguy!

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