Sake Day 2020 - Saturday September 26

A placeholder for anything Sake Day San Francisco 2020 related.

This year, the event will be held on 9/26/2020! Details won’t be further announced until May/June timeframe (and also for advanced tickets, I’ll post and update as they become available). Hopefully it will also be held at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco Japantown like last two years.

CCing in case people are interested in flying up for this major sake event and to plan for it: @TheCookie @attran99 @Starchtrade @Chowseeker1999 @formersushichef @Bagel @js76wisco @A5KOBE


I’ve already added it to my calendar. Going to make sure the friends are still down for it.


Definitely planning to make it this year! Thank you for the info

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