San Francisco Dinner

Heading to SF next week and will be taking a group of 4 to dinner. Sophisticated eaters who also like to have a lot of fun. Need a full bar. Otherwise almost anything goes except no sushi this time. Thanks.

Trou Normand
Mr. Jiu’s

Shouldn’t this be moved?

monsieur benjamin

If it’s in a class with those other four, I need to eat there. Pretty eccentric menu.

Repeating this exercise. Any suggestions? Thanks!

combo true laurel + san ho won (reservations for late seating >= 9pm tend to open up often)

Thanks. Actually need to be earlier like 630 - 7 pm

San Ho Won.

san ho won
good good culture club

if you manage to get a reservation for san ho won, true laurel would fulfill the full bar component - it’s a block away, opens at 4, and getting a table outside is basically guaranteed

Oh, full bar. Not San Ho Won.

Perbacco, Zuni

No availability :frowning:

How bout Bix?

Wow, Bix still exists? That place has been there forever. Well, not quite, I used to go there when it was the Assay Office and they had free appetizers. But since 1988.

I was trying to get a res at San Ho Won (none except for a 10pm prix-fixe a month out) and they suggested Monsieur Benjamin (same group) might have availability,

Word is Bix has gone downhill.

with full bar as part of the criterion, excluding san ho won, my personal ranking would be

  1. nari
  2. zuni
  3. bellota?
    these all should be relatively straightforward to reserve for some time in october, i think?