San Gabriel Valley Dine-In

The SGV has been very slow to respond to sit down dining, particularly the Chinese restaurants. The few dine in options which have opened up in the past couple of weeks were mostly pho, Korean and Japanese places. I saw that Nice 2 Meet U, a San Gabriel hotpot restaurant, was open last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if other hotpot restaurants have also opened, since that format was less compatible with takeout and delivery. It does seem that things are starting to change with reports of a couple of more conventional style Chinese restaurants having opened for dine-in, Baccali Cafe in Alhambra and LAN Noodle in Arcadia, so perhaps things will pick up from here.


place i’ve heard are open for dine-in:

jiang nan spriing
mandarin noodle house
lu’s garden
saigon eden (alhambra)
longo seafood

I know Chino Hills Longo just opened for dine-in. Rosemead too?

not sure. i’ll have to check. they just said longo so i assumed rosemead.

Add Sea Harbour and Duck House to the list.

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Yes, Longo Seafood Rosemead is open. Sea Harbour has opened, too.

frankly, i’m kinda waiting for shanghai dumpling house to reopen for dine-in.

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Good stuff! Truly a public service! Already planning dinner at Sea Harbour this weekend.

Just called Bistro Na’s – still not open for in-person dining. Chengdu Taste was not open a week ago but we were able to get takeout.

Five Star and Capital Seafood (both Arcadia and Monterey Park) are open for dining.

Re: Capital and Five Star: Dim Sum? Any place else in the SGV doing dine-in dim sum yet? Are carts now a thing of the past?

Five Star is cart and I think Capital Monterey Park is too. Sea Harbour and Longo noted above are dine-in menu dim sum.

Did anyone know about this?
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It was posted on the SGV Eats Facebook group. However I believe Bistro Na’s is still takeout only.

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speaking of dim sum, i heard rumors that king hua (which used to be a favorite but slipped a bit recently) has shuttered for good.

Spring Shabu Shabu in El Monte, the AYCE hotpot restaurant, has reopened for dining. Apparently you have to use a check sheet now instead of selecting your own ingredients. A couple of the buffets, International Buffet and I believe Kami, have also opened. I wonder how that works.

Thanks @chandavkl

Swung by Sea Harbor. As good as I remember it. Especially the egg yolk buns.


Speaking of Sea Harbour, has anyone driven by Old Town Pasadena to see if Chef Tony is still happening?