San Pedro Italian Bakeries

I like Colussus and we have done the Chori Man Colussus bang bang several times for a Sunday breakfast before wandering around San Pedro/South bay area.

I recommend going over to Alma park, only a few blocks away, plenty of street parking, where you can grab a bench to enjoy the meal while seeing the ocean in the distance. No restrooms in the park though, keep that in mind for cleanup after.

I guess we’re little piggies since we each get a breakfast burrito and a couple of pastries to share after the burritos.


Team Green Chorizo! But all 3 are great!


Thanks for the rec. How is the parking down by the Korean friendship bell?

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I haven’t been there in a while but I heard the upper parking lot is now open. There’s another parking lot on the lower level which would entail a bit of uphill hike. Both are free which means as always how full they get depends on the weather and how many people want to do things around there.


Parking shouldn’t be a problem, there are ample space inside and outside the park.

I suggest you do a bang bang bang if you have the time.

  • Chori man. You have to eat there for maximum deliciousness. Their new breakfast sandwich is also sloppy good.

  • Collussus. This Starbucks (yeah I know) is a great place to have your pastry while enjoying the ocean view. You can walk to Point Vicente via Seascape Trail.

  • Big Island Eats and Shave Ice. A great stop after a full day workout. A few minutes drive away is Del Cerro Park, known for unobstructed view of the peninsula and a few popular trails.


Colossus is a good little bakery, but Chori-Man kinda grosses me out to be honest. Not a fan of the soft mealy texture or flavorings he uses in his chorizo. I prefer the more firm kind of chorizo you find in Mexico but it’s next to impossible to find in Los Angeles

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This reminds me that my mom used to hang strands of fresh chorizo she would get from a Persian grocer in Westwood (the Butcher was from Mexico) above the washer and drier lol.


I recommend ordering online from Colossus in advance as they tend to sell out of their pastries pretty quickly. I really like their bear claws (when they have them), sticky buns, and danish. If you really wanna indulge, their twice baked croissants are massive and they regularly mix up the flavors. Coffee is not great. My favorite thing to get there, tbh, is their yogurt bowl w/ fruit. Very tasty. While you’re in the area you may wanna check out the Corner Store which is about 5 min from Colossus. Really neat little neighborhood shop with sandwiches, tons of sodas, and a lot of local color. Royal Palms or Point Fermin are great spots to kick back and enjoy your lunch w/ a sweet ocean view.