Santa monica - brentwood dinner

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I live a couple of blocks from Ingo’s. I went there several weeks after they opened and the salmon I ordered was so overcooked, I had to send it back. Tasteless, really. I then ordered a pork chop and it was just so-so. I have no desire to go back. What am I missing about this place that so many people like it?[/quote]

Only went twice, once during the soft opening. Haven’t tried the salmon or the pork chop. I enjoyed the house made pasta, although the pasta itself was a little overcooked. Partner’s medium-rare burger was truly medium-rare, but the whole seemed just a touch more firm than I like.

For me, the appeal is the great architecture, casual feel, and the very respectable price/value ratio. By Santa Monica standards, this place is pretty cheap. Cassia may be better (I haven’t been, but I have no doubt it’s delicious), but it’s also about 50% more expensive (the apps at Cassia are the same price as many of the entrees at Ingo’s). I also can walk into Ingo’s. You can’t even walk in to get a bar seat at Cassia (at least, you could’t when I tried once). So, IMHO, to compare the two restaurants in an absolute sense isn’t quite fair.

Ingo’s has a great happy hour and great drinks. I particularly love their Bloody Mary. I stick to the basics there, the potato, the salads, the pasta, the burger, and haven’t been disappointed - but if I was paying more, I might have a different attitude.

Anyone tried the new wine bar next to Cassia?

We decided on Bar Toscana

And how was it? I live relatively close but have never been.

I go often because my mother loves it - but I find it too salty. In fact, the last two times I had to send back my dish (one a bolognese, one a chicken) because it was overloaded with salt. Both times, the entrees came back without any salt at all, super bland and pretty awful.

Not going till next weekend.

Bar Toscana AND Madeo on the same weekend!
With the bear market ravaging retirement funds - methinks Thor will need to replenish some dough from Odin soon.

Two weeks apart. Interest rates are going up in Odin and that aint no fucking joke.