Santa Rosa This Friday Night

Hey, all…I am heading up to Santa Rosa for work this weekend. I have Single Thread booked for Saturday night. Looking for a place to have dinner on Friday night when I arrive. A few placed I have on my radar:

Santa Rosa

Bird and the Bottle


John Ash and Co.



I’m a teetotaler, so wine list/cocktail programs are of little consequence to me. Just delicious food served up right.

Thanks in advance…

I like Spinster Sisters a lot.

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Went to SHED the night after Single Thread and thought it was a solid place. Cool store to look around as well.

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I thought the Shed was an interesting store but I didn’t find the dining area appealing.


Reposting my feedback I posted on HO:

Just got back from Spinster Sisters. The aroma coming from the kitchen the minute I walked in was a very good sign. Sat at the bar. Very fun service. Ham hock terrine was a nice way to start, with pickled ramps and dressed arugula as accompanments. But these gnudi though. One of the best dishes I’ve had this year. Perfectly formed, but the sauce! Great balance of tang, fat, and vegetal in every bite. Completely satisfying. Chocolate espresso pot de creme was maybe a bit heavy handed, but was a nice “not-too-sweet” to end the meal. Heavy, but I ate every bite. Thank you for the recommendation. Very good call.

Glad you liked it. Those dumplings look great. Was it busy?

It was super quiet. Three tables full when I arrived and I was the only diner at the bar for a while

I hope they can survive. I always worry that the place is too hip for the room.

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the jocular banter between the staff that I was privy to. Did not interfere with service at all. But I wonder if that might be off-putting to others who might expect a bit more austerity when they dine out.

Just had “pre-dinner” at Ramen Gaijin in Sebastopol. Super cute place with a lot of open space. Had a few skewers to tide me over.

Pork belly was the clear winner: nice amount of crisp on the edges while the rendered fat melted upon contact with my tongue. I could have had a plate of just that and been happy as a clam. Other dishes coming out around me looked tasty. Fairly large queue to get in right at 5:30pm. I’d go back for the noodles if I don’t already have plans.

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Santa Rosa’s a pretty laid-back town.

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