Sasoun Bakery - la ma joon

They’re just cheesepuffs… in georgian they’re khachapuri… in armenian turkish etc they’re boureks

thanks for this.

I’ve never had the potato and dill borek or seen it on the menu wall, will definitely have to check that out next time.

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they don’t always have it, so look out for it on the bourek tray:


That borek could use an egg wash.

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Found myself in Glendale this weekend and swung by Sasoun on Colorado - as @Nemroz predicted, when we walked in the door the woman working was pulling about two dozen lahmajune out of the oven. Got a couple lahmajune, which were awesome, crispy, well-spiced. We also got a spinach bourek, which I’ve had before and which I also enjoy.

My favorite thing, though, was the Maeishe. Unfortunately it did not come wrapped around herbs or veggies as it does in the above pic, but honestly it didn’t need it. Super acidic and absolutely caked with spices and seeds, it was crunchy and bright and super zippy like if burritos la palma made one stuffed with smelling salts. Will definitely be back.


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30 freshies to go


Running an errand nearby. Going to check this place out while I’m at it. I know what’s for lunch.


Report, if you can. :slight_smile:

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and you’ll be across the street from Spicy Thai BBQ.

It’s a super quaint bakery that only makes a handful of things. There were no more items coming fresh from the oven when I arrived a little bit before 1PM.
So I pulled a OOE. Convenient because I had skipped breakfast. But there’s still no way that I can eat that many carbs in one sitting.
The lahmajune really is delightful. Reading @Nemroz’s description and memories of it makes it even better. It’s cracker-thin crispy and the topping is just a really nice blend of meat, herbs and spices. Super savory and balanced at the same time. I loved it…and inhaled it because it was so good after a blast in the oven.
The Maeishe is like the lahmajune’s spunkier vegetarian cousin. @Srsly described it spot on. Very punchy in acidic and herbaceous flavors…and a touch richer because there’s more olive oil in the spread. I liked it, but enjoyed the lahmajune more, but quite honestly, I’d you can get something that tasty on a thin and crispy crust, I’m an immediate fan.
The potato bourek was delightful. The bread was so light and fluffy. The filling was super savory…like a warm vinegar-based potato salad with lots of dill and herbs.
At this point, I’ve only had half each of the maeishe and the potato bourek. Too many carbs for now.
I may heat up some of what’s leftover for the commute home. The spinach and cheese boureks are still in the mix.
While I was there, I noticed that they make and sell hummus, eggplant dip, and a couple of other items that I didn’t have time to check out since everything heated up so quickly.
Thanks to cousin Nemroz for writing up this great bakery. I’m going to make a point of stopping here when I make a sake run next door. Though question for you…what do you eat the tahini bread with?


i’ve never had this! what is it lol… that’s an arabic amenian thing, not where i’m from… those lahmajune’s are so so nice. glad you stopped in… i always get extra, they’re so fun to reheat and have with beer and assortments of herbs on top


where are you buying sake?

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OOE = One of each/everything

That’s good to know. The husband and the chowpups would eat the crap out of the lahmajune. Next time. At $1.50 each, they are a steal. I bet they are fantastic with champagne.

I pick up sake at Remedy next door to Sasoun. @beefnoguy posted about it, and I’ve been stopping by to try new kinds. In fact, I saw their displays of brandies and cognacs from Armenia and thought of you.


I generally go the one in Jon’s Mkt in Van Nuys. The women I have encountered working there have always been pleasant and helpful. And you cannot beat the prices.

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That’s the OOE I can get behind. :smiley:

Thanks for the report. Gotta try this place one day…


Omg. Talk about bang bang. Thanks

We have multiple around town like Taron etc. in case they’re closer to ya

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My pleasure! Would love to read your opinion on it one day :grinning: