Saturday Brunch @ Jeffrey’s Grocery

Can anyone give me an approx. idea of what the queue is like around 10 AM?

We’ll either be a party of 2 or 4 people.

Is this one of those ‘show up 20 minutes before doors open or you won’t be seated before noon’ type of places? What’s the scene and line like on weekends?


Probably around 15-30 minutes.

Not in my experience.

Been there on a Sunday at 11:30, waited no more than 20 minutes for a table of 3.

Personally, I prefer Fairfax, even though you’re probably going for the oyster bar at JG’s brunch. Enjoy.

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I was going for oyster bar + Fresser platter. Have you had the latter? What do you think of their smoked fish? I’m guessing it’s not R&D or Barney Greengrass, but is it worth doing the platter?

I was thinking Le Royale (dozen oysters, 6 littlenecks, 6 shrimp cocktail, 1/2 lobster, 1/2 lb king crab legs, etc) plus either Fresser’s Platter or just bagel w/ lox and a whitefish toast (maybe a latke too) if the missus isn’t into the big smoked fish plate. She’ll probably want to try the crab/avocado toast.

Re. the raw bar, how does it compare to Cull & Pistol or Pearl?

Never had the Fresser.

I think C&P is better than JG for fresh oysters.