Sáu Can Tho {Phong Dinh, Lazarus edition}

For those who fondly remember Phong Dinh, including its famed baked catfish, as well sea snails, blood cockles, as well as zoo creature dishes like alligator, kangaroo, wild boar etc. then fondly remember no more, and start living in the present.

Owner has reincarnated Phong Dinh in the form of Sáu Can Tho on Garvey (x-street Earle).

Sáu Can Tho
8450 Garvey

i had lunch there today.

the first two things we asked for off the lunch menu were not available due to a certain ingredient being out of stock. so they created a special order roll priced accordingly.

i wish i’d paid closer attention to the description of the ingredients, but no matter as it’s not on the menu anyway. but it was a delightful combo of savory flavors and textures.

someone else ordered the soup which featured what appeared to be a seafood soup with mung bean noodles. if you order this, make sure you add a squirt of lime to the bowl.

our last choice (off the regular menu): what was described as a venison carpacchio over vegetables reminded me of a thai beef salad, as the venison may have started off as a carpaccio but the acid in the vinaigrette ended up denaturing the protein turning it more into a venison ceviche. tom - a - to, tom - ah - to. i enjoyed it.

the meat rests on top of a salad underneath. here’s a view of a serving:

complimentary dessert: coconut agar

i plan to go back with a larger party for the kangaroo, alligator & of course, the baked catfish.