Save My Two Cents!

If so inclined!

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I have flagged this as I’m hoping that things like ‘gofundme’ etc aren’t allowed on this site. Sorry.

111k to settle an undisclosed legal dispute.

Sounds legit.

Oh, I see the deadline was a week ago.

I guess I should try it before it goes out of business.

Is it really settling for $111,000 on legal dispute or is it in the toilet. That is the question .

Sad to hear. I’ve always enjoyed the restaurant thought both the food and the atmosphere were great.

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Oh shut up.

This board was created by anyone and everyone.

I’m not sure if I will or will not donate. But I feel for Alisa Reynolds and any small restaurant owner struggling to do what she is doing - make a living providing food from the heart, being conscientious about waste, the planet and the health of her community. She may not be a great business person or promoter but she’s also not an opportunist, jumping on a food trend to make a buck.

So stop worrying your little head about a posted “gofundme” page. Instead, just cook another one of your beloved pork dishes, courtesy of a waterboarded pig whose life was spent in a crate. Then post it and you’ll probably feel better.

Happy Eating!


I know and it is a good question.

I think she owes her backers money and can’t raise it.

Thanks @Luluthemagnificent. This explains a lot.

Did I miss an explanation?

You clearly know little about ‘humanely’ raised livestock.

I thought the board was created by robert. But if it’s by everyone and anyone then please don’t tell me to shut up. My opinion is as worthy as any other.

My nomination for Dish of the Month! :wink:


okja okja okja


Hi @hungryhungryhippos -

:grin: You didn’t miss anything. It’s me. M2C always seems like the little restaurant that could but isn’t.

Alisa is talented with a good concept - healthier soul food, local ingredients, compostable packaging, etc. She also has a name for herself catering for African-American celebrities. IMO she fills a much needed gap. All this seems like a recipe for success. But the quirks from a new, small restaurant never got ironed out; the business isn’t growing and seems to lack focus. So, to answer your question - her having these issues explains a lot to me.

A good example of a small mom and pop restaurant with focus, vision and a good concept is Woodspoon. I love reading on Instagram what the owner and restaurant are up to.

I really hope Alisa and M2C make it!


Here’s M2C - No booze is a big issue @ M2C.

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I want to try it this weekend, what do you recommend? I know you have written about it extensively. I am being lazy (also called being at work and shouldn’t be on here)

Yep, I agree. That’s part of the not growing thing.

Shrimp and Cheesy Grits!