Sawtelle 2018

Not aimed at you, but the article is rather strangely written. It says:

Surprisingly light on izakayas, Santa Monica restaurants like Ninjin and Kanpai are the few that cover the fairly large Westside city. There’s plenty more in in neighboring Sawtelle Japantown

Takuma is also in Santa Monica.

I’m really confused; what other izakayas are along Sawtelle except FuRaiBo? And why is relative dearth of izakayas surprising in Santa Monica? There’s also few Indian and Chinese restaurants there, but that’s not what Santa Monica is known for…

Does anyone have intel on the brothers’ other izakayas? (never mind, @Starchtrade. Saw your post about an earlier reference. Agree w/ @aaqjr that this is a good location)

That is a good location imo . At least you avoid Sawtelle parking

Musha - Santa Monica’s closure and incoming Shirube were discussed higher in the thread.
I was being lazy and did not want to create a new thread so I posted it here…


Can someone help me branch Shirube to its own topic?
I tried and failed.

Agreed. Eater LA’s choice to not edit (or only lightly edit) some content before publishing is disappointing but probably a calculated business decision.

Mona Holmes seems to get a lot of the Japanese beat and unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired with her coverage.

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Really late reply, but fwiw, this was my impression when the place first opened.

Minor update:

Flores + Sons is gone. Place always seemed decently busy when I would walk by on a random Fri or Sat, but who knows what the rest of the week was like. I really enjoyed the first iteration, thought the food was good (but not something I was inclined to eat much of)) in the 2nd iteration, and never went to the third one.

Lemonade has also gone the way of the dodo, and there’s a for-lease sign in the window. Since I work in the area, I actually really liked the ability to get something light and relatively inexpensive and will kind of miss the place (never thought I’d say that since they replaced the beloved Clusi Batusi).


Clusi is definitely missed

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Good riddance. No gonna miss that Lemonade at all.

oh weird… we tried to go there last weekend and it was closed, i just thought it’s closed mid day.

What are your favorite takeout spots in the area? My wife has to go to UCLA medical center about every other week, so I’m looking for stuff to have her mule back home. The list currently only has Curry House/Hurry Curry and Popcorn Chicken.

A lot of FTC’ers mentioned the curry katsu at Menya Musashi as being very good

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Agree. Yuck. Fuck Lemonade.

Went to Black sheep the other day and thought it was pretty good and they validate for that small lot next to them which might make dropping in easier. Also I like getting a pate bahn mi at nong la -maybe not the greatest in the world but good for the area and will hold up for a car ride.

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sichuan impression
banh mi at nong la


The husband went to school there and when we come in for a visit, there are a handful of things we’ll go searching for because he’s nostalgic for them.
Enzo’s - Chicken parm and pizza
Diddy Reese - cookies
Stan’s - doughnuts

For items that you can’t find in your ‘hood, there’s a Northern Cafe outpost in the Village. I visit the Cerritos location and I’m a fan of the hand-cut noodle dishes, beef rolls, and spicy pork ribs.


lol I love getting diddy reiese by the dozen then eating them semi frozen from the freezer. Weird I know.

def a guilty pleasure.

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Anzu gourmet chicken - get the kaarage chicken so juicy and good.

Nijiya market- if you go after 7pm all of their food is discounted. Not amazing but such good deals.

Not on sawtelle- Bombay Frankie company like Indian burritos wrapped in naan. Chicken tikka and paneer Frankie are solid.

Tempura house - might be closed but if not get a combo special favorites included oyakodon (not a combo), chicken Hamburg, and pork Katsu cutlet with a side of curry.

It can be amazing, if you shop right: A seasonal and delicious home dinner, courtesy of Nijiya: Saba nitsuke (simmered mackerel), horenso no ohitashi (Japanese spinach boiled with dashi), and ajitsuke menma (seasoned bamboo shoot), all on a bed of koshihikari blend rice…

BFC is close enough to Sawtelle lol.

Back open? Tempura House had been closed for a while. I was worried about Nobuo-san and Mihoko-san.

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I’m not sure if it’s open I had heard reports that it had been closed temporarily due to a family emergency. Glad I was able to go a couple of months back since it had been a minute.

Will keep those tips in mind while shopping at nijiya next time!