Sawtelle Tempura House (Sawtelle Japantown): A Pictorial Essay

Tempura House, started by the Anzai family as one of the original post-war Japanese-owned businesses on Sawtelle Boulevard, has recently changed ownership. Now doing business as Sawtelle Tempura House, its menu has also seen a revamp. Let’s go!!!

Despite what it says on the signage (it has been retained from the old business), the new menu here does not (yet) offer any tempura items. Nor is it only take-out only (there are two small tables in the restaurant, as well as outdoor seating during daytime).

The menu here features classic Japanese bento and comfort dishes. It is a welcome departure from the dizzying array of modern ramen/crepe/coffee house fare which is otherwise so prevalent in this area. Tempura House wins points with me here for keeping the “soul” of Sawtelle Japantown alive.

The ‘Daily Special’ looks good…

Makunouchi Bento: Salted saba, pork shumai, egg, green tea noodle salad, and kabocha… Well prepared and seasoned, all the flavors in this bento were right on. Delightful!

Japanese Beef Curry Bowl… Very, very tasty. Nothing fancy, - Just really nice and hearty. Again, I enjoyed this bowl a lot.

The new owners are kind and cheerful. Their food is comforting. Service is fast and friendly. It is likely that tempura items will be added to the menu in the future here. Sawtelle Tempura House is the sort of local business I root for, and I wish them success.


Sawtelle Tempura House
1816 Sawtelle Bl.
Los Angeles, 90025


Thanks for the review and especially posting the menu. I’ll check it out during my lunch and post some pics of whatever I order. I agree, it’s nice to have an option other than ramen in the area.

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Thanks in advance for reporting back!

By the way, I was also a fan of the mom&pop grocery store Granada Market on Sawtelle, which for a long time was located adjacent to Tempura House. (Or does your screen handle refer to the Spanish city of Granada, of which I am also fond?)

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The chef from Sawtelle Kitchen is bringing some of their dishes to Sawtelle Tempura House/…


This makes me soooo happy, especially with the connection to Sawtelle Kitchen. Thanks for reporting. Will check it out soon!

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