Scarpetta to close this Spring

Does anybody know if the Painotecca is staying open for lunch? I’d assume the answer is no.

Maybe the new place Knead & Co in GCM might be a good replacement. Haven’t been but his pasta at Union are very good.

I was told both will stay open until end of March-ish.

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Oooh… That looks so good!

Foodshutterbug -

Regarding "I might end up trying this recipe Scott Conant shared on Serious Eats - I took a peek and it looks very promising. Scott’s talked abut that sauce in many other places but that recipe is the clearest “Here’s how to do it”.

Plus, that potato masher trick? I totally believe it. I use a potato masher to break down stubborn plums for my jam in the summer and it gives me fresh jam, fast, with no overcooking.