Schellz Pizza Co - LA's hottest new pizza spot?

Schellz Pizza Co initially started out as schells pizza hole during the pandemic lockdown as way for friends and family to get delicious pizza and desserts.

They finally opened again in December 2022. The new place focuses on delivery and pickup. It operates out of a ghost kitchen in Inglewood.

Their dough is called ‘HokkaiDough’, based on the delicious milk bread of Japan (Shokupan). The dough fermentation process takes up to four days.

The special (Hokkaidough, house cheese blend, Black Forest bacon, cup n’ char pepperoni, sliced red onion, jalapeños, caramelized pineapple, Thai chili, and Schellz zesty pizza sauce) and Mushroom Magic (Hokkaidough layered with caramelized onions, house cheese blend, house made garlic oil, roasted shiitake/oyster mushroom blend and topped with fried garlic & fresh herbs) were our favorites.

They did pop-ups at Gamboge in the summer of 2022 and had great success. Schellz Pizza Co

@PorkyBelly schellz pizza part two? :wink:

Check out their website for online order options.


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Some more Schellz for cheat meal!


HA! We went tonight as well.

First, it’s a complete ghost kitchen complex. No where to eat all. Parking is a bit tight too, especially when Crenshaw gets busy! But we ordered through toast from their website and got notification when our order was ready. Right when they promised.

When we went to pick it up the foilks were the nicest!! They even gave us some tips on our own journey in making Shokupan (almost there!). They actually sell their own but you have to order 24 hours in advance. We have a Konbi loaf we are working through, but we’ll pick one up from them for sure soon!

We don’t live far so by the time we sat down to eat it was still nice and hot (the benefit of these thickie pizzas). We got a made to order with Mushrooms, Sausage and Onions.

We loved the toppings and the lacy edged. The crust had a sold CRUNCH to it, they get the bottom super nice and toasty. Plenty of sauce, which I loved, they described as zesty and spicy. it was mildly spicy, so if you are a fan of chili flake on your pizza, feel free…

This is certainly in top 3 of detroit style. The crust was wonderful, not too heavy or thick. I still prefer Bootlegs slices better. I just find them more imaginative. But I think this an overall better pie than my other favorite, Steel Pan. Haven’t tried Quarter Sheets, Emmy, Dough Daddy or many others, we actually make a quarter sheet pan grandma pizza ourselves with Standings Sausage fashioned into sausage nuggets, 365 Moz and homemade (Bianco Whole Tomatoes, blitzed with blanched garlic, sea salt and olive oil)


Glad you got to try it!

Can’t wait to see you post yours it sounds delicious!

Their pizza is tasty at room temp and cold. I’ve eaten their pizza 3 days after purchase (yup my husband bought 3 pizza for two) - I was surprised it is still super delicious!


reheated is just as good as piping hot out of the oven too.


Some earlier reports:


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Update - they started offering their house-made shokupan every Sunday. Pre-order only thru Toast. Schellz Pizza Co

According to their menu description - “Our shokupan is sweet, delicate and very delicious. It is a family style pullman loaf (13”x5”x5”). This bread makes amazing French/avocado toast, and is quite delicious by itself. We are quite proud of this bread and feel it’s time to share it with you.”

Sounds and looks amazing, will give it a try this Sunday!


I picked up the bread last Sunday, it’s wonderful. We ate it more like a pastry than like a bread - just cut or ripped off pieces and ate it straight, sometimes with butter.

When they handed me the loaf, my first impression was a physical one. It was big, and heavy.

The bread is super-moist, any more and it would be literally wet. It’s soft with great resiliency. You can see it as you pull a slice apart, and feel it in that final part of the bite where the dough resists with a bit of spring. I think this texture really meets a certain East Asian ideal. My Taiwanese parents were impressed.

The flavor is sweet, though not quite King’s Hawaiian sweet. The richness reminds me of a brioche, but apparently Schellz’ dough is vegan - if not for the butter brushed on the outside of the loaf.

And since we’re talking dough, I should mention their breadsticks:

It’s basically a full-blown version of their pizza with garlic-herb cheese topping, sliced into thin strips. Same detroit-style effect on the sides of the pan, and the entire bottom is crisped with avocado oil. So you get a breadstick with different kinds of crispy running its whole length, a great textural contrast playing off of their soft “Hokkaidough.”


Wow those breadsticks look amazing.

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Damn those look like my idealized version of breadsticks will get next time! Like Pizza Hut cheesy sticks to the nth level!