Scoops or Van leeuwen

I’m eating lunch at C & M in Culver City, which is next to Scoops. Is Scoops or Van Leeuwen more worth the calories? TIA.

Scoops, if you like chocolate ice-cream, they have many variations. They have a cherry-chocolate right now that my friend is enamored with.

Van Leeuwen if you like vegan honeycomb ice cream, which you will if you haven’t tried it before.

Scoops is creamier, Van Leeuwen is a bit icier.

Based on what you said, Van Leeuwen sounds disgusting.

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Not a fan of either… just go to Van Leeuwen to satisfy your curiosity.

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I like the Van Leeuwen pistachio ice cream.
I think the lighter, lower butterfat, icier texture of Scoops isn’t my thing most of the time. I’ll eat it, but I never crave scoops when I want ice cream.
That said, Van Leeuwen isn’t mind blowing. It’s solidly good. A little on the sweet side.

Coolhaus is another option in Culver City. I would pass on all 3 though and save my calories for another ice cream shop.


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Totally the opposite of how I feel about those two places! Ice cream is a very subjective experience (as is much of eating)…

@matthewkang would prefer Scoops, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

While I like Tai and was a big fan of Scoops, go to Van Leeuwen.

It’s eons better than Scoops.

And remember, I like Tai.

The Lemon Yogurt Tart at VL will change your perspective on life. And calories.

Are you dyslexic?

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That’s hell and gone from CC.

Are you a food tough guy?

Eh not gonna comment on this, sorry guys.



My bad. Didn’t realize Carmela had locations outside of Pasadena. Still, Carmela isn’t good enough for me to drive much out of my way when Van Leeuwen is more convenient. Not enough separation between the two in my opinion.

Cool. I’ve got to try this Van L. Do they have things like rosemary pine nut, honey lavender, earl grey, raspberry rose sorbet?

Thanks for all the comments!

Quick update: was having lunch w a/ friend I haven’t seen in months, so we decided to go w/ what was easier and just go to Scoops. Pretty good, although not life-changing. I had the brown brown bread and the hazelnut/matcha. Size and prices are are the lower side for fancy ice cream, so both friend and I were quite happy w/ what we got.

C & M is a decent enough place for lunch. Sort of like a really granola-y version of Literati, in terms of the vibe. People working there are very sweet (and the person at Scoops was also quite gracious).

Perhaps friend and I will next meet up at The Platform so that we can try Van Leeuwen. :wink:

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Not exactly.

Lol, Maybe think about a third option! Gjelina to Go --> Salt & Straw bang bang.

You could do a Gjusta --> Jeni’s if you don’t mind all the additives Jeni’s uses.