Seattle - Serious Pie & Biscuits - a Tom Douglas place

We’ve been having fun checking out some new to us places. We had the pizza:

  • soft eggs*, smoked prosciutto, local greens, pecorino sardo

Very, very good. Big beer, wine, and cocktails. We loved it all AND will BE back for the biscuits. Holey moley!

And we found on-street (pay) parking just a block away.


The bartender also served us and here’s a photo of a few of those cocktails. I had the “Honey Bey.”


A very good and fun…and SUPER YOUNG place. But they were very kind to us :slight_smile:

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Oh, and check out the biscuit menu. Oh yeah.

Looks great . How was the crust .

Because I don’t have the knowledge or vocabulary, I’ll quote from their site:

“Serious Pie, pizzeria with a bread baker’s soul, serves up pies with blistered crusts, light textured but with just enough structure and bite. Our attentiveness to each pizza in the 600 degree stone-encased apple wood burning oven preserves the character of house made charcuterie and artisan cheeses from around the world.”

Loved it.