Seeking authentic Armenian/Georgian cuisine. Is Kavkaz the OG or is there another contender?

Tumanyan Khinkali Factory changed to Khinkali House.

Did they stop the manufacturing?

And meanwhile on Google Maps, TKF Khinkali Factory now points to… a house

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So the factory is now a house, and the house is now a factory?

Is this one of those “In Soviet Russia…” bits?

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A friend who lived in Georgia for a few months told me Thursday that the khinkali at Kinkhali House were the real thing, and another friend mentioned wanting to go to the place yesterday, so we drove out for lunch today.

Busser brought these out. When we asked how to eat them, the server said people like them with beer. Chickpeas were OK. Rusks seemed rancid to me,.

Their oddball version of khachapuri. Good, seemed like the right cheese.

Lobi pashtet. Good but I think missing the marigold and blue fenugreek that make the beans so good at Pomegranate in San Diego.

Chicken heart skewers. Good.

Guy in the kitchen cutting wrappers from a long roll of dough.

The beef dumplings were great both steamed and fried. Best of the not many I’ve had. Forgot to take a photo.

Some regulars ordered big platters of pilmeni that I’m guessing are good.

This is definitely an Armenian Georgian restaurant rather than a Georgian restaurant. I asked if they had chacha and the server thought I had asked for the check.


Yes Armenian place . We all eat khigali

I wish some proper Georgians would love here

*move and love


Me too although I think you meant “move”…

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In Georgia, Khachapuri takes on several different forms…


Yeah, there are a bunch of kinds of khachapuri, but I’ve never seen or read about one so small and straight, and when I asked what kind it was, the server said she thought only that restaurant makes it like that.

Yes, I believe the real name for this is the “lazy khachapuri”

Seems like something a caterer might come up with to make it finger food.

Most places that have to do a high volume of small ones just do a corner to corner square fold. These guys just rolled it up. I’m sure it’s fine and the same. I’m quite used to the small small ones, they’re nice.

It was actually a fairly fancy pastry, looked to me like more labor per serving than a Penovani.

Anyway just as well they didn’t have Adjaruli, since I’d have had less appetite for the khinkali.

didn’t even know this name!

these guys are most common at all the Armo restaurants we go to. th

Have we tried Havlabar in Glendale? It’s on my “to eat” list.

no. i haven’t yet had the pleasure of making my annual trip to Glendale

thanks for this… this is the only georgian i’m aware of here but haven’t looked… appears to have some dishes i’ve never had

Just heard about it on a Good Food podcast from Nov.

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