Seorae Village Pork BBQ - anyone been?

Got a tip that the pork ribs and Gamjatang are as good as Ham Ji Park’s…hard to believe.

I’ve been here twice. They’re not as good as Ham Ji Park’s.

Dug up some photos from my phone:

The pork ribs are decent and they have options for different marinades.

FWIW, Ham Ji Park’s gamjatang, though fantastic, can’t be considered to be a traditional version of the dish. The pork neck parts they use yield more meat than other places and their broth is funkier. Gam Ja Gol has a very traditional version, with a lighter soup and you really have to pick the meat off the bones. Yangji Gamjatang is somewhere in between (and is byob if you ask nicely). Personally, I think Ham Ji Park reigns supreme.

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Went to SVP BBQ last night. The ribs were tougher and far less flavorful than HJP.
Had a decent scallion laden Seafood Pancake.