September 2016 Weekend Rundown

Last Sunday we’d gone to The Donut Man only to find them closed.

Detoured through Monrovia and stopped at Merengue. Cheese filled potato balls were good, everything else was okayish (though the croissants I’d recommend against).

Not sure if quality has dropped (haven’t been there in years) or I was still feeling grumpy about the lack of donuts. Oh, and when we asked for milk for our iced coffees (as all they had available at the coffee bar was room temp flavored creamers) they helpfully provided a chilled thermos… containing French Vanilla creamer. (Discovered too late.) This may also have colored my impressions of the food.


We stumbled on Irine’s Café Bakery in Glendora. Delicious baked goods - worthy of detouring from The Donut Man for. The food was also very good - some of the best dolmas I’ve ever had.

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I am a big fan of Chef Francis Mallmann’s style. But who’s Eric? :wink:

Irine’s has been on my list, but my phone was dead and I couldn’t remember the name. Will definitely make it out there, though.

Lol, maybe the other chef was Eric something. Mallmann is Argentinian,
that’s all I know about him. And he built the coolest grill ever. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you don’t have lunch, it’s ok to have two dinners, right?


Special “Carnevale” carry over from the Pizzeria Da Attilio pop-up.

4959 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 913-7000


Thai Iced Tea

Boat Noodles #2

Banana Leaf Sticky Rice

Not pictured: Jade Noodles takeway

5183 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 665-1035


Even if you have lunch it’s ok to have two dinners in my book.


#Orsa & winston

a5 miyazaki wagyu over koshihikari rice

satsuki okayu - santa barbara uni, hokkaido scallops, geoduck, abalone, koshihikari rice

foie gras torchon, huckleberry, brioche

122 W 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013


#Rucker’s pie

apple crumble

strawberry rhubarb

#Guerrilla tacos
swordfish, brentwood corn, cherry tomatoes, chile del valle, cilantro, lime

#Burritos la palma
birria burrito

#Banh oui
pork belly banh mi
Unfortunately the bread was not good, it was more like a hoagie roll, soft with no the crisp at all.

sticky spicy chicken wings


Is that goat or beef birria in that burrito?

It was beef

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice pics! :slight_smile: So how was Orsa & Winston overall? Also, I thought they only had 6 Course or 20 Course Tasting Menus? (Where are the rest of your pics?! ;))

Worth going?

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Thanks @Chowseeker1999, i ordered alc at o&w, the satsuki okayu was outstanding. Here’s what i wrote in the orsa & winston thread:

@President_Mochi that pizza looks so amazing.

@PorkyBelly I would be so very annoyed that there is no Japanese breakfast, that’s my favorite.

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Downtown today with my child.


This was so good! I tasted a little bit without the pepperoni and it tasted like what New York pizza should taste like. Sauce was slightly sweet and lightly applied, not too heavy on the gooey cheese, and the crust was crispy and charred on the edges and not soupy or too thin in the center. We both really liked it.

Wexler’s Deli

Smoked sturgeon on everything bagel with capers and onion (which I picked off). Eh,it’s a bagel with cream cheese. The sturgeon had the texture of a slice of roast turkey. It was one thin slice, dry and flavorless, with a whiff of fishiness. I’ll stick to Gjusta for my fish bagels.

_McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream

Dessert for the boy, mint and chip and chocolate. He liked it. I tasted the Meyer lemon and marionberry, it didn’t taste like very much of either and was a bit chalky.

Oyster place. I forget the name, but it’s the only one.

Dessert for me. Fresh and tasty, two Fannie Bay oysters and one from Washington. They don’t list the oysters, so I had to ask. They had those two, plus Mexican oysters, so be careful of ordering the “chef’s choice” plate. I’m glad I asked. Very friendly service.

And a final pic from Grand Central, we didn’t get anything here, but they have the longest lines in the market other than Eggslut! So if you like Mexican, you may want to check them out. :slight_smile:

Grand Central Market, 317 S. Broadway, DTLA



Took a mid-day drive to Manhattan and ended up getting a parking spot right next to MB Post, and wouldn’t you know it, they had a table open, so we stopped in for a quick nip.

Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits with Maple Butter

The Ultimate. Manna. They seriously get better with every visit somehow

Truffle Honey-laced Fried Chicken (with Kohlrabi Slaw)

_slaw sho_t

I have to say that I’m in the @Aesthete camp of Howlin’ Rays nearly ruining all other fried fowl, but this rendition would make for a very solid brunch dish. The truffle comes through nicely, the chicken is juicy, and it’s an especially nice bite when combined with the tang of the slaw. Still, for $17, I would find it kind of tough to rationalize another order when in the back of my mind, I know that a Howlin’ Rays’ Half Bird is $15.

My cocktail was a bit of a let down, unfortunately. I had The Golden Hind, which is sold as a passion fruit mojito, but all that came through was the Luxardo. A bummer for $12.50. Had a few sips of the Avila’s Heir, which is a spicy margarita, and that was much better, if not memorable.

1142 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 545-5405

Afterwards, we walked down to the end of the pier, and I got a nice Flat White from the Two Guns Espresso cafe that sits next to the free lil aquarium.

Weekends are the best.


Finally got our tushes downtown in time for the START of the Tuna show at Little Tokyo Market (aka the old Woori Market) Saturday.

Got to watch amazing knife skills with a whole tuna. Free sashimi samples and you could pick your cut to take home. Got to nab my fav sesame oil on sale and, ran to Daiso and stocked up on my fav Milkita candy. (The melon.)

Then hit Scoops on York on the way home.

Dinner that night? The killer tuna. Homemade sushi rice. Steamed spinach with a few drops of sesame oil, salt and pepper. And some extra sushi from the little sushi place inside the tokyo market. A tasty great day.


Oh nice!

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[quote=“President_Mochi, post:59, topic:4162”]
Truffle Honey-laced Fried Chicken (with Kohlrabi Slaw)
[/quote]Can I put that on the Fried Chicken Rundown thread @President_Mochi? It would be a good addition for the S. Bay peeps.