September 2018 Weekend Rundown

Late night taco run at Carnitas El Momo.

Carnitas, buche, chicharron

Gorgeous AF

You really can’t beat a fine dining experience.


Avec’s Squid with Melon was killer too.

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Gyutan Tsukasa
As always very tasty. Wasn’t in the mood for some ramen at Santouka

Wagyu Meat and Grill
Underrated. As far as quality goes for fast casual meals this is one of the best.

101 Noodle Express
Nice snack!

Trieu Chau
image image image
The siu mai with breadstick is a MUST get here. No oil and very faint hint of sweet on the stick just goes so well with the siu mai. As always the noodle soups are on point. I stopped putting the sacha sauce into it and less pickled chiles to enjoy that pork bone broth.


Ugly Drum

This is just as good as Langers imo. Not too much interested me besides Ugly Drum. I saw a New Haven style pizza but the lack of customers concerned me that it is not even close to Frank Pepe’s. I’ve had Burritos Las Palmas already. I wish I tried Pop’s Bagels and I freakin forgot to get ice cream at Wanderlust. Got a young coconut to drink/eat at White Guy Pad Thai. My friend got the raclette at Cheezus, that was actually pretty tasty tbh. As always good people watching.

But I highly recommend Ugly Drum!!


Speaking of Langers image

Providence had some white truffles in already and based off what I had, I believe this season is going to be great image


Double Double at Majordomo. Domo!



How is Providence this year? I’ve always had great experiences there but had a spectacular 3 *** meal (IMO) there early 2016 but back to 2 ** last year.

Thriftys Chocolate Malted Krunch. One of my personal favorite ice cream flavors of all time.

image image
Mitsuwa. Made a soup out of this. Added some daikon and ginger. With rice this can really stretch out multiple meals.


This visit was actually one of my favorites I was kinda shocked tbh. I also went in June of this year and thought it was just ok. Favorite time I went was probably sometime in winter 2011 or this visit actually. Chefs tasting menu is the only way to go if you want to full experience Providence, it’s just that I don’t always have 4 hours to spare for dinner.

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I will forever and always have a wonderful tingle that runs through me whenever I see the cylindrical scoop. :smiley:


Brent’s NorthridgeIMG_1671 IMG_1666%202 IMG_1672


No pictures, but Boba Guys at the Platform in Culver is 2legit. That strawberry matcha is a danged treat. Black Sesame is solid, as well.

Also, Roberta’s Pizza is looking close to being ready to open. Real close.


Hi @J_L,

Wow, you tackled that by yourself for 1st Dinner? :wink:

I am writing from you from my hospital bed, where I am convalescing after surgery for gastric rupture…
Just kidding. It’s all good.

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I want so much to go (or try their drinks), but the line was SOOOO long that I gave up. Is it worth a huge wait?

Maybe I’ll wait until Roberta’s opens up b/c I can have partner wait in one line while I wait in another. Heh.

There hasn’t been too long a line in the last few weeks which I have been. And they do come out pretty fast…

Yup. Same experience here. There was a bit of a line, but it couldn’t have been longer than 5-10 minutes.

P.S. Random FTC Fact: It looks like @paranoidgarliclover, @Chowseeker1999 and @secretasianman all joined FTC on the same exact day.

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Oh, that’s what the slice of cake means. I thought it was their birthday. :smile:

I’ve had Ugly Drum several times now and totally agree about the quality of the pastrami–delicious. but that bread-----it needs some serious work. even if I only order a half sandwich the bread turns to mush before I finish it (eating quickly doesn’t work—I’ve tried :wink: ).

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How funny! I assume that was the first day anyone (except for @robert) was able to join. @ipsedixit also appears to have joined that day.