September 2020 Rundown

They really changed up the menu from when I was there in February. Looking at the new menu I would go with the cha ca la vong if you want to give them another try. It should be very similar to the excellent cha ga summer rolls (tumeric catfish, dill, vermicelli, pickles, and pineapple) I had, just not in roll form.

I also really liked the xo spaghetti with dried fish, bottarga, crab, garlic, and bacon, but I don’t see it on the current menu anymore.


Myung In is great. I agree about the King Mandu, it’s not something I’ll get.

I am a big fan of Dumpling House on 3rd x Vermont. I really like their kimchi dumplings. The parking lot is a pain in the ass though.

Pao Jao at Koreatown Plaza has a killler spicy shrimp dumpling unlike anything in Ktown. Even other Chinese-Korean places do not serve dumplings like these


+1 to Dumpling house on 3rd I prefer it to Myung In but yes that parking lot sucks and that whole area sucks for parking (I know the pain because I use to live two blocks away)



Thanks for the recs, @JeetKuneBao and @JLee!

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Enjoyed a fantastic unagi don from Habuya in Tustin, which specializes in Okniwanan cuisine. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite takeout spots, and the owners are incredibly sweet. Can’t say enough good things about their pork rib noodles, fried rice and sashimi. Even their mochi is out of this world.

This was my first time trying their unagi, and I was genuinely floored. The eel is grilled perfectly, with a crispy char that keeps the inside delicate. The ikura is a nice addition that absolutely makes sense. Ditto for the avocado, an unexpected but welcome touch of California.

Amazing for $18.


Italia Deli

In Agoura Hills.

8” Italian cold cut on hard roll.

I like their bread. Crisp yet chewy. Good quality meats. One of my favorites. Though I prefer getting a large and eating half. The small loaf of bread they use on the 8” is a bit tough to eat


Juicy and spoon tender.

Deleting my content for this restaurant.

I’d rather not publicly disclose the reason, but FTCers can PM me if they want to know why.

Johnny Pacific

In Chatsworth for some empanadas.

I’ve seen this place for years. They moved to a new, bigger location at least a year ago.

So, they have fried empanadas, doing all the funky non-traditional combinations of other empanada places like Nona’s, just not with as large a variety.

Got 6 various ones. Beef, jalapeño and bacon, mushroom, chicken pastor, Kailua pig, and pulled pork.

Crunchy exterior, like a chalupa at Taco Bell LOL. Lots of filling. I enjoyed the fillings more than the exterior. Very rich since they’re fried, which is why my preference is baked. Next time it would help to get the lunch combo with the side salad to break up the richness.

Inside of the bacon jalapeño empanada. The bacon was actually crispy in here.

Inside of the mushroom. It was such concentrated mushroom-ness it was almost overwhelming.

So they aren’t really my thing, it’s not their fault. Others on Google and Yelp really love them.

Johnny Pacific
20133 Saticoy Street
Winnetka, CA 91306


Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn

In Sherman Oaks

Damn, were these slices good tonight. Good color on the undercarriage and the cornicione (look lighter in the photos than they actually were)



Also, had a conversation with Anthony, and he scoffed at anyone who thinks he par bakes his pizzas for whole pie orders.

Also, He felt the need to post these signs explaining things to questioning customers.


10th heart. I too was there around 7pm.

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Was your pizza ok?

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Was there on Monday. Cornicione was still very light, but undercarriage had good color and the crust was def more flavorful than I remember it being. Excellent overall.

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Paul Stein, a self-described student of the art, is currently a relative unknown entering the L.A. BBQ game - But man! The dude can already throw down just as good as any out there. Armed with a Texas-style setup and an intoxicating sauce, Golden State Barbecue has gotten my full attention. The brisket tastes tender, decadent and phenomenal. His St. Louis pork ribs, his smoked baked beans with BBQ pork, and even his honey cornbread loaf are all exemplary. Scary thing is, he says he’s always seeking to improve. Order from him using info from his website; pickup is in Palms.


Probably the best pie I’ve had yet from Anthony!


Damn - looks great.
Any idea
a) if works weekends only (as lots of BBQers seems to do theese days )
b) his hours?

TIA, man!

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Those short ribs… :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

(a) Not sure - I picked up the stuff from him last weekend. I’d give him 24 hrs. to prepare your order. Reheating may be involved if he needs to store your order before pickup.
(b) Customer arranges pickup time. He 'cues in his backyard. No brick & mortar.

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Just recently tried The Ppong in ktown for jjampong and jajanmyun. Both ere good but that jjampong may be one of the better ones in ktown immediately. Didn’t take a photo of it but, it’s probably also twice the size of a normal bowl. I did take a photo of their mandoo which looked like a cross of fried mandoo meets ny eggroll. Worth a try if you’re in the area.


@losnooyado soba, housemade by the family of ex-Spago CDC Tetsu Yahagi… Transcendently earthy noodles, with a delicious dipping sauce. The only quibble was that the noodle cut was a bit uneven on a few strands, but regardless, this remains the one of the premier soba sources in Southern California right now…

Tamagoyaki: Fluffy, airy, fresh and perfect.