September 2021 Rundown

Yup first time at Cococane. I appreciated that it wasn’t as sweet as I imagined it.


A late Sunday afternoon out, about and hungry. We decided to cruise down 3rd St (Beverly-Grove) to see what was open and not crowded. Son of a Gun!

Blanton’s Old-fashioned & Tamagawa “Ice Breaker” Junmai Ginjo Muroka Nama Genshu Sake

They could’ve been a tad more generous with the pours.

Kennebec French Fries

Malt Vinegar Aïoli

If they’re not already these crispy fries deserve a spot on the French Fry thread. The creamy, acidic Aïoli is addictive. :heart:

Lobster Roll w/Celery, Lemon Aïoli, Chives, Old Bay Dusted Potato Chips, Griddled Brioche Bun

Sitting in an L.A. restaurant under a Martha’s Vineyard flag while eating a gussied-up little lobster roll is as close to the Cape as we’ll get for a while. But I’ll take it! :blush: The lobster, lemon aïoli and spicy chips in a griddled brioche bun was de-lish and went well w/the fun & rich “Ice Breaker” sake. Note: you’ll need two of these tasties to make a meal.

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich w/Comeback Sauce, B&B Pickles, Iceberg lettuce, White Bun

The photo of the one we ate in-house was too dark. But no worries, we got one togo the next day to make sure we love it. :blush: We do! There’s a lot of folks boarding the Nashville Hot Train. Son of a Gun nails it! It’s big, w/a super crunchy, spicy crust, juicy meat, drippy sauce and toasty bun. Husband said “It’s as good as Howlin’ Ray’s chicken sandwich”. :flushed: Are you allowed to say things like that out loud?

Son of a Gun offers a casual dining experience with un-casual prices. Most menu items are smallish with multiple orders required to make a meal. You’ll also be paying an 18% service fee with a polite nudge to tip. But it’s 3rd St rent, so. We’re happy a pre-pandemic gem still stands, putting out tasty well prepared dishes. :heart:

Magnolia Bakery (3rd St) - Banana Pudding

(internet photo)
A pop by Magnolia for fluffy, creamy, custardy, banana pudding w/nilla wafers is a must for us! :banana::two_hearts:

Happy Eating!


How much is the lobster roll ?

Mini Lobster Roll is $12.50 (a la carte). I think that’s standard in L.A. Connie & Ted’s full-size roll w/fries & slaw is $36. The Fried Chicken Sandwich is $19.75, btw.

Which reminds me that House of Mandi in Anaheim got the @Chowseeker1999 treatment this week on HO…but ONLY 2 visits…WTF??? That’s some serious slacking.


looking forward to chowkiss’s review of simon tan’s hainan chicken.


Mentioned this in the B. Burrit thread but I ended up at Great White’s new Larchmont location for a media thing the other day. They were suggesting breakfast burritos and pizza, and believe it or not those are two easy sells so that’s what we got.

This was probably a kitchen full of their Sergios and everything tastes better when it’s free BUT I was super impressed with both. The tater tots in the burrito were perfect, and the eggs were scrambled really gently which I vastly prefer. Salsa on the side was garlicky and nice. Gross interior burrito pic:

Margherita was also really good. Nice bright tomato sauce, tart crust, bits of char. Everything we tried was much better than it had to be from a cute, hip, design-forward cafe like this, and I’d definitely return when I’m in the area, or to meet friends in that part of town.


The croissant at Bageloo in Diamond Bar is great, especially for this part of town.


Primo’s Donuts’ newest location in Westwood Village has opened (in the former Stan’s Donuts location)!

The space has been rebuilt, and is bright and welcoming for guests. Coffee is by Stumptown. But how is their Classic Buttermilk Bar at this location, you ask?

I am pleased to say that it’s better than ever! Welcome to Westwood Village!


The new Little Coyote in Long Beach is crowded as heck. It was an hour wait for tables after ordering at the front Saturday at 5:15pm. Order at the front, buy beers and wait on the patio until they call you. The pizza is great. It’s more like bread like than say pizza wagon but not as bready as Mozza. I am terrible with words but you know what I mean. In my ranking Little Coyote is a very close third. The best pizza in LA is Superfine when firing on all cylinders then Pizza Wagon. We have to go back to Superfine to see how it compares.


Anarchy seafood salmon poke nachos at smorgasbord. Probably the best fancy nachos ever had. Love that it’s actually not corn chips or even frying her own tortillas… these are fried wontons skins which makes for much lighter and crispy bite.


Those are some damn fine looking Buttermilks!

@JeetKuneBao: I finally made it to Cococane! It was very refreshing on a hot afternoon. Loved the richness from the sugarcane. I will add-on more coconut meat next time. I was on the run, so was not able to make any more stops. Ba Le will have to wait for next time. Thanks for the rec!

Follow-up question for anyone knowledgable (@attran99?): Are they pressing the sugarcane juice from actual raw sugarcanes in the back?


They sure are, @Starchtrade.

The juices all come from fresh fruit. Hope you got ripe coconut flesh. The last couple of times I got tasteless coconut chunks even though my drinks were fantastic.

I recommend getting half gallon jugs…and making cocktails with them during the week.


Thanks, @attran99. I saw the half gallon jugs! For $20.
I wanted to go straight-down-the-middle for my first visit, so I just got their namesake drink.
Because of the distance, I will definitely consider the half gallon next time!

The coconut was fresh but unremarkle, but perhaps not super flavorful? They were also selling an assortment of fresh fruits in the front. I saw mangosteens, rose apples, rambutans, and (I think) langsats. Was tempted by the mangosteens but held off because they were like $27 per bundle.

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Mmm cococane mojito sounds like good idea!


Last day of my carb bender.

Pizza Wagon.

Today, It was a little thick for my taste. Hear that, Mr. @lapizzamaven ? Anthony wasn’t there. Maybe that’s why.

Still good… but not great.

I think I deserve to have my last day of my carb bender pushed back a day.


The coconut-pineapple mix makes a great piña colada :wink:


So, are you saying Superfine is open again? that would be welcome news!

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Ah, ha! well, maybe thats it! the other guy makes the crust too thick…Not sure if you saw my comment about Prime last week, but the grandma pepperoni fresh pie was magnificent!


Yes and supposedly Sergio has been making the pizzas. Good reports so far. I’m headed back down in the next few weeks for sure.