Sergio is back on centinela!


He expects that his normal day off will be Tuesday, but call first.
I believe the cross street is Gilmore (north of Culver and south of Short).


Who’s Sergio? I want to eat that.

Who isn’t Sergio? Really -He part man, part myth and part legend…

The tale has been told and I’m sure it will again. :wink:


YAYAYAYAY!! This location takes cards right?!


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I have to cancel my Stinkin Rose reservation.


cash only

go to:
4532 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

call before you go to make sure that sergio is cooking
310 390 9241

they close at 8 and only take cash


Hearing that makes it worth the trip to LA . The maestro is cooking .

sergio is, imho, the top chef in the area for seafood prepared in the style of nayarit and sinaloa.

Sergio is better than Papa Chente and Coni?

I might do this tomorrow. I was gonna do Mama Joans or Panns too. Damn

So he is no longer cooking at Long Beach?

You forgot one small detail. What is the name of the restaurant???

Mariscos Chente


Is that cash only policy fairly recent? I might be misremembering since I was last there in early Autumn, but seem to recall that credit cards were accepted on that and prior visits.

YAYAYAYAY!! This location also takes my hard-earned CAYSH right?!

does this location take trade? does sergio want a shrink wrapped eivets rednow lp in
exchange for a pescado zarendeado?


i am just reporting what the sign that i saw there last night said.

i have no idea what the the policy was or wasn’t during the time that sergio wasn’t there.

All LEGEND, baby, all legend. :wink:

I don’t know if Sergio was cooking the one time I went, but that snook really was something else. Might just see if he’s cooking tonight…

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PSA: he is cooking tonight (I just called). Perhaps I’ll see some of you there? :wink:


We’ll be there around 7. Burgandy sweater. Long hair. Stocky Mayan.