Sergio’s home: 106 seafood underground


That’s an excellent item to pair sake with! Great job!!! Sergio jook or Serjiook :laughing:



Looks great!

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Thanks very much, @ebethsdad, for sharing the shavel. It was a lovely addition to a soup

You are so welcome!

… and the writeup is posted. Thanks for your patience.


That looks like a fun night! Nice photos.

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I’m gonna just straight-up be that guy . . .
If I get an invite next time, I will set up the whole crew with cocktails and/or spirits for the meal.
That experience looked like so much fun!


It was an open invitation to begin with :grinning:. But I only left a 12 hour window to get on the train. I’m sure if @beefnoguy puts in a request, we’ll open it up again.


You mean I straight up just missed the invite!


I think I did too or I was on vacation in Hawaii. Either way next time I’m in and will bring some Monkish/Green Cheek to help whet our appetites.


Do you bartend? I used to and still think about cocktails / mess around with creating flavors.

Margarita flights anyone?

Sergios food is perfect for subtle experimentation


Get a Friendsgiving one on the books before it gets cold


Strictly an amateur, but a nerdy one.

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Pure speculation here, but I think what made this meet up a success as opposed to the other attempts (bulgarini gelato) was that it was someone took charge did everything behind the scenes and it wasn’t crowd source (vote for the date, which kept on getting changed) that totally took the steam and momentum out.

I nominate @attran99 and @TheCookie for FTC social coordinators!


Haha…aww shucks…I don’t know about @TheCookie, but my day/home jobs keep me on my toes. This one was more group planned than it seems. We all quickly agreed on a date/time, the price point made it easy to OOE, and Chef & Maria made everything super easy.
Everyone was super easy going and we all enjoyed the food, drinks…and most importantly, each other’s company. A perfect storm that just worked out.


Haha believe me going out to bars and restaurants nowadays I wonder if I ever knew anything at all

You’re sweet, thanks. I think the original Bulgarini meetup that never happened was actually done by one person. @chewchow? The problem was our Leo. “He’s a work in progress.” Everything was set then he changed the date. He requires a lot of gentle pushing and patience. And he wants to set the menu & wines, which was easier for me on the Bulgarini meetup last July, but some weren’t thrilled with the selections. Sergio & Maria are pros and said to give them a head count asap and the menu a couple days before. Plus, they have more space. The next one will be easier because we can just have the same menu. :blush: Also, as @attran99 said, the price point means more people will come.


Just had a flurry of pictures from my godson’s family. They loved it! Their prediction is that Sergio will be mobbed when the word gets out. We should do a second meet up soon before this happens.