Sergio's 106 Seafood Underground

In that case, you are golden…

AND you get to be Sergio’s neighbor, with none of the parking woes we encountered when we first tried eating in his backyard #tryingtoexplaintomytoddlerwhatastripclubis :smiley:


I’ll turn my front lawn into parking. With reserved spaces of course.


True! Hah! Lennox is slightly different than Mt Shasta. Instead of apple trees, pesky deer & trains in your backyard you’d have strip clubs, planes flying over & the Lennox-13 in your backyard. You’re good where you are @Emglow101. Just bring yourself down here for the next meet-up! :hugs:

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Sorry for the lateness and badness of my photos, but this is what it was like for us. Plenty of sauce.

![20200108_191606|281x500] (upload://xx6ii89DG668yc1FFNMZ07RcXqz.jpeg)


Thanks for sharing @bruins - How was everything? That avocado is not looking so good.

It was all great (see my words above). It’s just the camerawork that is bad.

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thanks @bruins, that’s what i would expect out of the camarones borrachos–properly inebriated shrimp. unfortunately ours barely had a buzz.

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agreed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Going there Sunday with some Russian friends. Will report back.
As a Shasta aside here I am (in the middle) on the summit of Shasta in 1979. It was a slog, but the 3000 foot glissade on the way down was the best sledding I have ever done despite the wet rear end at the bottom. Don’t think I would trade views of Shasta for planes coming into LAX even with Sergio cooking next door.


Fabulous photo.


That’s Peter Reinhart to the left. We were both kids back then. Thank you!

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A cool 14 ,180 feet .

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You look like Peter Fonda. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If someone remembers next time they go, can you ask if they allow dogs in the backyard? Haven’t been successful getting through on the phone or Instagram. Thank you!

i saw a dog on a leash when i was there


Its the 70s hair…


The sunglasses too…



Took my Russian friends there tonight. They absolutely loved it; there is nothing like it in Moscow. I didn’t take pictures as the items were all repeats and @J_L and @attran99 among others have much better photos than I take. We had aquachile, green apple ceviche, marlin tacos, and, of course, snook. The aguachile and the ceviche were a bit too spicy for one of the Russians, but she soldiered on. No line, and dogs are okay. There was a mariachi group, but they weren’t so loud as to make conversation difficult. I love that place!


Thanks for the report @ebethsdad, for reference what time did you arrive? Was there much of a wait for your snook?

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Reservation was for 5. 30 minute wait for snook which worked out well for us as one of our party was late.

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