SF Bay Area pizza scene, 2016 to 2018

Has anyone been to Montesacro Pinseria - Enoteca on Stevenson St . Apparently they do a Roman style pizza . I looked at their online menu and looks interesting .

ok, not anywhere i would go for SF’s best pizza…Golden Boy, if I were drunk and in my 20s, maybe

The dividing line between focaccia and pizza is kind of fuzzy, but Golden Boy isn’t very close to where I draw the line. It’s too thick, too bready, and too soft. It’s pressed into an oiled sheet pans rather than stretched on a floured board. It’s baked in the pan rather than on the floor of the oven.

I still like the stuff. I just don’t think of it is pizza.

We had this beauty last week at Piccino (SF, Dogpatch). It was snap pea, pea vine, cilantro pesto, goat cheese, and some incendiary Calabrian peppers. I thought it was quite good.

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I went to Fiorella in the Central Richmond district (Clement and 24th) specifically for their white clam pie, which is a favorite style I rarely encounter in the Bay Area. We also tried the margherita and spicy salami with onions. Pies are cooked in a wood oven and were all perfectly charred. The crust veers more to the soft Neapolitan style. Clam pie was excellent, but could have been a bit brinier. Delfina’s clam pie gets a nice briny flavor, but it is served with red sauce, so not like the white pie you get at Frank Pepe’s or Lombardi’s. The red sauce on the marg and salami was great, simple and bright tasting with a nice acidity. Their garganelli with ragu was perfectly done and the chicken liver crostini was simple and excellent with a heaping pile on two crostinis. Fairly large Italian wine list for a casualish spot. The menu is a bit like Gialina/Ragazza but with a broader selection of apps and 2 more pastas, but seems more traditional as far as pizza toppings etc. Good stuff.

Parlour makes my new favorite pizza. Wood oven, super-thin crust (reminiscent of Pizzetta 211), nice scorch and crunch. Tried one with nduja sugo, mustard greens, red onion, and burrata, great combination. They’re small enough to be a light meal for one.

I’ll take a photo next time.

Hey, you are on here. I thought so!

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Been here since the very beginning .

I’m all over the place and get confused as to who is where. :slight_smile:

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Me too


Has anyone had the pizza at Townies (Berkeley)? I’m going there in a couple days. Any opinions about the place in general?

First I heard they added pizza. I looked in when they opened and the menu didn’t do much for me.

I recently had the Margherita and the sausage pizza at Piccino, and was pleasantly surprised. Very pleasantly surprised.

I realize it’s not new, but it was new to me.

Menu looks good at Piccino . I’ll have to take a drive to the city for the Saturday brunch .Looking at the aglio pizza and would add the anchovy .

I haven’t been to Piccino in a while but it was really good.

Their coffee bar has a pretty good cornetto as well. Just don’t ask for it by using the word “croissant” – they will laugh at you. (In good fun, I think)

Like ordering a cappuccino after 10 am . :rolling_eyes:

Now you tell me!

Really enjoyed Lucia’s pizza. The crust is great – chewy, a bit charred, not too thick. It was fun to sit at the counter, feeling the heat of the oven, watching the pizza cook in about a minute! The roasted Brussels sprouts were very good, too. This is going to be a regular pre-theater dinner spot for me (along with Comal).

I went last night, ordered house-made sausage with rapini, orange peel, fior di latte, chile, and garlic. The crust was completely different, tender Neapolitan-style. Very good but not what I was craving.