SF Bay Area pizza scene, 2016 to 2018

Parlour makes my new favorite pizza. Wood oven, super-thin crust (reminiscent of Pizzetta 211), nice scorch and crunch. Tried one with nduja sugo, mustard greens, red onion, and burrata, great combination. They’re small enough to be a light meal for one.

I’ll take a photo next time.

Hey, you are on here. I thought so!

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Been here since the very beginning .

I’m all over the place and get confused as to who is where. :slight_smile:

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Me too


Has anyone had the pizza at Townies (Berkeley)? I’m going there in a couple days. Any opinions about the place in general?

First I heard they added pizza. I looked in when they opened and the menu didn’t do much for me.

I recently had the Margherita and the sausage pizza at Piccino, and was pleasantly surprised. Very pleasantly surprised.

I realize it’s not new, but it was new to me.

Menu looks good at Piccino . I’ll have to take a drive to the city for the Saturday brunch .Looking at the aglio pizza and would add the anchovy .

I haven’t been to Piccino in a while but it was really good.

Their coffee bar has a pretty good cornetto as well. Just don’t ask for it by using the word “croissant” – they will laugh at you. (In good fun, I think)

Like ordering a cappuccino after 10 am . :rolling_eyes:

Now you tell me!

Really enjoyed Lucia’s pizza. The crust is great – chewy, a bit charred, not too thick. It was fun to sit at the counter, feeling the heat of the oven, watching the pizza cook in about a minute! The roasted Brussels sprouts were very good, too. This is going to be a regular pre-theater dinner spot for me (along with Comal).

I went last night, ordered house-made sausage with rapini, orange peel, fior di latte, chile, and garlic. The crust was completely different, tender Neapolitan-style. Very good but not what I was craving.

Zut’s my new go-to for the kind of pizza I like. Thin crust, crunchy, nice scorch.


Hi @robert,

Thanks, that looks delicious! :slight_smile:

Randomly ended up at Aisle 5, which I had never heard of, for lunch yesterday. I swear I can’t walk or drive anywhere without coming across a new beer bar.

The pizza could have been a bit crisper for my taste, but it was very good regardless. House-made fennel sausage was excellent. Good size, I was pretty hungry but ate only half.

They had Monk’s Cafe on tap, one of my favorite beers and not something I see very often even in bottle. Nice place.


Finally got back to BaoNecci. It has not gone downhill. It’s still better than half the pizzas I had in Rome when I was there for a month in 2015. Reservations are a good idea, they were turning people away on a Monday night.


Had Tony’s a couple weeks ago and I was a little disappointed by their Margherita. I found the sauce too watery for my tastes. :frowning: Their Jersey’s Trenton Tomato Pie had good sauce consistency though, a tad tarter than I like but maybe that’s what they were going for.