SF - is there any obscure place that we shouldn't miss

We’ll have our car and are super comfortable on public transpo. Is there just a place, probably off the radar, that you really do just love/like? Not super expensive. A lunch?

There are places that have been around so long people forget about them, such as Angkor Borei and Maykadeh.

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From my brother re the Mission. Mission and 24th is a great street for food, and you can walk to Tartine from there. Easily accessible by BART, get off at 24th St./Mission station. You can catch it by the Ferry Building.

Dim sum:

Korean bbq:

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Limon is so popular they’re up to six locations including SFO Terminal 3.

La Santaneca makes first-rate pupusas and the best curtido I’ve had (I always order extra curtido). It’s one of those places that has been around so long people have forgotten about it. Embarrassingly cheap.

Ohgane is very good by Oakland standards and a longtime personal favorite, but anyone coming from LA, forget Korean unless maybe you want to try Namu Gaji, which I’m not sure has an LA counterpart.

Harbor Villa is the current name of the longtime Chinese restaurant in the Diamond Heights Shopping Center. I think it’s busy because there’s nothing else around and parking is relatively easy. I would not bet on having as good a meal there as you could in the Richmond or Sunset where there’s heavy competition among Chinese restaurants.

I well remember Harbor Villa (didn’t remember the “villa” part) and you’re absolutely correct re availability and parking.

From 1970 to 2010 the place was Yet Wah. The owners retired and after remodeling it reopened under new owners as All Season. They renamed it Harbor Villa a couple of years ago to avoid being shut down for health code violations.

Yet Wah. Right! Interesting story.

Speaking of Yet Wah, was/is that not the name of one in Chinatown. Can’t remember the street but it was on a corner, not on Grant. Small. No atmosphere. Good food. Argh, I hate getting old(er) :slight_smile:

Yuet Lee?

Yes! I was close, wasn’t I???

Yuet Lee was still good the last time I went. Pretty good HK seafood at very reasonable prices.

Most of our trips in the last number of years have been based out of Sonoma and Marin (daughter and fam) so Chinatown isn’t on our regular rotation. This time since we’ll be staying the city and there five nights maybe we’ll make it. I love going in The Wok Shop even though I rarely buy anything anymore :slight_smile:

Mister Jiu’s is very good. Right across the street from the Wok Shop, though you have to go around the block to get to the entrance.

I’ve read good things about it. And it would be an easy MUNI ride to the Marina. Thanks.

I’m going to disagree with Mister Jiu’s. Like my experience at China Live, my experience there with the food wasn’t good. Both I think are not that great, not that cheap, and not that worthy of the hype - but that’s just the opinion of me and several Chinese friends.


Mister Jui is not open for lunch, and is not inexpensive.

I appreciate your comments. I have this vague recollection that, once upon a time, it was a multi-course menu. No?

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve never eaten at Z&Y. So maybe there. Also we really like Bund Shanghai right across IIRC.

This isn’t a restaurant but I want to add it and thanks to others who have shared.

Little City Market
(North Beach)

For anyone looking for it, they have the seasonal cotechino. Mm

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She’s coming from Reno.

We’ve had plenty of good meals there over the years, friendly family atmosphere and inexpensive. Would you care to recommend an alternate for dim sum in Richmond or Sunset? Or any recommendations at all for a not super expensive lunch? That may be more useful than simply discussing my recommendations.

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Our fave dim sum place - so far - is House of Banquet at Clement and 10th.

We’ve had ‘breakfast’ there multiple Christmases. We especially love their shrimp-paste stuffed eggplant. They usually fix it to order.

I’ve been to Mr. Jiu’s three times and would go back any time. It’s not cheap but it’s worth the money. Kind of like Majordomo.

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