SGV Chinese Takeaway

Does anyone know what’s open for takeaway? I haven’t a clue.

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I’ve been to Litz and Hong Kong Cafe for takeouts.

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How is Litz these days?

It is nice to see this place still open. Along with Litz, I was a fan of Ok Cafe near Garfield many years ago. Many places have come and gone. A disappearing sight is the HK Cafe of the 90s. I’m not sure if it was an off day, but I dropped by Litz a while back, and I was the only one there.

Litz low key has the best Singapore Noodles in all of SGV. Maybe even the best stir fry/pan fry noodles


I only order Singaporean noodz there so JeetKuneBao said it best. I love that stuff especially with their housemade chili oil.


probably not a complete list but a good start:


Got takeout from Hui Tou Xiang the other day. I love that place, but I may be influenced by sentiment. Been going there for quite a while, and it was one of my earlier SGV go-tos (shout out J Gold).

But we also got a bag of frozen dumplings which are fantastic, and a bag of their kimchi, which I also quite like.

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Kang Kang Food Court is still slinging their legendary Sheng Jian Bao.


Jiang Nan Spring
Beijing Pie House
Borneo Kalimantan (Malaysian)


any word on chengdu taste ?

Are you thee Mikey Chen (YouTube)??? Big fan!

I am not, but glad you enjoy his work!

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ChihuoLA has published lists, here’s the ESGV list:

Beijing Tasty House, Rowland Heights
Chili House, Rowland Heights
Haidilao Hot Pot, City of Industry
Happy Valley Village, Hacienda Heights
Little Skewer, Hacienda Heights
Malubianbian, Rowland Heights
Mr. Rice, Rowland Heights
Nice To Meet You, Rowland Heights
Northern Café, Hacienda Heights
Northern Café, Rowland Heights
Phoenix, City of Industry; Rowland Heights
Qianjiamo, Diamond Bar
Qiwei Kitchen, Rowland Heights
Spicy Home, Hacienda Heights
Xi’An Kitchen, City of Industry
Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice, Rowland Heights


Here’s ChihuoLA’s posted list of WSGV restaurants:

Beijing Noodle House, San Gabriel
Beijing Tasty House, San Gabriel
Chengdu Impression, Arcadia
DaLongYi Hot Pot, San Gabriel
Dong Ting Chun, San Gabriel
DX-Lab, San Gabriel
Hibiscus Tree, San Gabriel
Oni Hot Pot, San Gabriel
Phoenix, San Gabriel; Monterey Park
Simmer Huang, Temple City
Sweet Lab, Rosemead
Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice, San Gabriel
Yi Kebab & Bar, Monterey Park
Yunnan Restaurant, Monterey Park & San Gabriel
Uniboil, Monterey Park


Kristie Hang has a list at instagram:

chandavkl also Tweets his findings. He reported Mama’s Lu Dumpling House is another in the SGV doing takeout.


Confirming Mama Lu’s. I bought a bunch of frozen deeeelights last weekend, and have been happily dipping into the supply for dinner. The other customer present was getting hot food to go.


On today’s quick Monterey Park and Alhambra drive by, seemingly open were Lunasia, Bay Cafe, 85 Degrees, Traditional Guilin Noodles, Earth Kitchen, NYC Seafood and Hunan Restaurant. Seemingly closed were Jasmine House, Beijing Pie House (Alhambra) and Yummy Cuisine. [Note Beijing Pie House now closes Monday and Tuesday but is open the rest of the week.]


Ordered from Sichuan Impression (Alhambra) last week, and it was pretty busy actually. Got there at 5:30, and they had 8-10 orders going. All the workers wore gloves and masks, and there was a big bottle of sanitizer for customers. All felt safe.

I’ve also picked up from Yunnan Restaurant. You can still walk up to their cold table, but there’s a 4-5 ft gap so you can’t get too close. Everything was as good as always!

Planning to go back to SGV today, will report back if I see other restaurants open.


about half that list is unfamiliar to me. i think most of that part of the list has been open less than a year, in which case i understand that they have little choice but to try and make a go of it, or burn off whatever cushion they started with and have nothing to show for it.