Shandong Dumplings - old town Pasadena?

Just saw a sign for a new eatery - Shandong Dumplings on Fair Oaks a block or two north of Tatsunoya.

Anyone have any more info about the place?

i recall seeing them listed as one of the vendors for beer and dumplings night at the san gabriel mission a number of weeks ago. but that’s all i can tell you about them

Shandong Dumplings still has their original location in Hilton Plaza in San Gabriel. I recall a lot of confusion on CH with some getting it mixed up with Shanghai Dumpling House across the plaza.

so it will be just as shitty, with as horrible of service, and food, as Shandong in Hilton Plaz?

awesome. perfect for Pas.

It’s open.

So ShanDong Dumplings has been open for at least four months now. Went yesterday and they still don’t have their full menu because I was handed a menu and told that they only have the items that have check marks next to them (about ~75% of the menu). Wow is it pricey. I believe this beef roll was $10.85. It was very light on cilantro and very heavy on julienned cucumber, and a bit too greasy.

I also tried their boiled pork and leek dumplings and pan-fried dumplings. Not worth going out of your way for. I suppose if you really want dumplings and are in Old Pas…otherwise drive the 15 minutes to Alhambra or Monterey Park.

Or Lunasia down the street

if you like lunasia. i don’t, probably more than you don’t like king hua, which i happen to like.

No, not saying I like or dislike Lunasia Pasadena, but just that it’s an alternative to Shandong Dumplings that’s far closer than anything in Alhambra or Monterey Park.

fair enough. everyone has a different sensibility when it comes to making trade offs in convenience/proximity/cost/quality.