Share with me your Shrimp and Sauce Recipes

Prefer Butter sauce, but any will do. This one I got years ago out of some homemade neighborhood recipe book It’s DELISH! over pasta, or with bread by itself or over grits.


Shrimp with Hiyashi Ramen! It’s what was for dinner tonight! I don’t like the sauce that comes with Sun Noodle Kits, I prefer this Miso Sesame one…


What are those things that look like grapes?

I think they’re yellow grape tomatoes.

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I’m using grape tomatoes more and more in the off-season.

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Do they taste better off-season than other tomatoes?

I think so. They’re certainly juicier.

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I melt equals parts butter and olive oil and toss in as many crushed garlic cloves as I want with some chili flakes over low heat to infuse the fat. Then I poach/confit the shrimp in that butter/oil mix…and maybe add more chopped garlic and salt & pepper to taste. I finish it with squeeze of lemon juice and zest and maybe some chopped parsley…it’s my own play on scampi…sometimes there’s white wine in the process, sometimes not. It all depends on how I feel.


Yep! Tomatoes are a very common ingredient in Hiyashi Ramen. And honestly, because I am limiting my grocery shopping, I only had these types on hand. :laughing:

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