Shef Food Delivery

if you are getting paid in any way for these posts I would appreciate you letting me/FTC readers know. thx!

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Not getting paid. Just recommending food I like. I actually thought that was what people did on Foodtalk. And I’m not even getting any free food like all the food bloggers.


If they are paying her to rip 80% of the Chefs she’s bought from through that platform I’d be pretty impressed


While I have had some REALLY bad food (bad as in the food went straight to the trash) …

How much do they pay for that kind of shilling?


thanks for your honest response to a fair question. enjoy

Maybe less fair than rude.

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Thank you for reporting back on your experiences. The rating system on the website is useless because 99.9% of all “Shefs” have 5/5 stars. I’ve been meaning to try out the service, so i’ll think i’ll start with one of your recommendations.


Seemed more random than fair or rude (IMO).

Speaking as the moderator, questioning another poster’s integrity is rude and contrary to this site’s terms of service.

If you seriously think someone is a shill, flag their posts. Otherwise, mind your own business.


@Loaxley Shef recently changed the rating system to make it even harder to separate the dross from the gold. They no longer let you give star ratings and if you go to the individual reviews, they removed the star ratings. Now all they let you do is give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to an individual dish and if the diner doesn’t leave a very detailed review (which most don’t), you don’t know if the “thumbs up” was an enthusiastic thumbs up or if the diner is grading on a curve.

When Shef still showed the star ratings, I used to go through the reviews and weed any chef out who had any “3’s”, much less “1’s” or “2’s.” I wish they hadn’t removed the star ratings. For instance the Korean chef Patricia, the vegan chef Joseph and the Mexican chef Mike had pretty uniform “5” reviews (when Shef was still showing individual ratings), which gave me confidence to try them although I would say neither Korean, Mexican or vegan food is normally my jam. Not that crowd sourcing is always right, but in this case it was.

Despite the many duds I have had, Shef still blows me away by the diversity of offerings, particularly Indian. I still have quite a few Indian chefs bookmarked that I haven’t had an opportunity to try. And Shef allows you to be so spoiled. So while I ordered idli from one Indian chef and really liked the idli, I didn’t love the accompanying coconut chutney or sambar (not bad but maybe a “4” rather than a perfect "5), so now I have my eye on another Indian chef so I can compare her idli, coconut chutney and sambar. I’m still amazed I can have idli delivered to my doorstep and found it kept pretty well for breakfast for 2 or 3 days.