Shiku - Grand Central Market / DTLA

You can order at the register, but it’s highly recommended to preorder because they often run out of items.


I just tested out walking up on Sunday and it was fine. The one hiccup being that they needed to check that they had the banchan I wanted available to sell me in their inventory (even though they are loaded in the case).

So if you plan on showing up at opening you’ll probably be fine—though you might want to still look at their web store to see if any items are marked as out of stock.


Agee with the power rankings of the banchan. Our favorite was also the myulchi saewoo bokkeum with walnuts. Reminds me of similar Vietnamese condiments/snacks can’t remember the name of.

Instead of left over rice, we put it in a thick rice pudding called banh duc and dressed it with fish sauce. Sooo good!!!


The shop is updated for the week with wanja jeon and Baroo yak gochujang—I highly recommend grabbing both. The yak gochujang is a real treat with the chunks of beef in it.

(I also added the new-ish shredded potato and fish cake banchan to the power ranking)


banchan just got harder to acquire. fyi kimchi is back in stock.


Seriously looks like they got blown up already:

Luckily I snagged a pint of kimchi right when if went in stock :smiling_imp:


finally got to try the kimchi. loved it, another winner. funky, refreshing and with a mild subtle heat. doesn’t get any better than cold kimchi with a hot bowl of rice.


Sook min park said they are ramping up production of banchan in response to recent press so hopefully it’s good problem.


These sold out quick. Super delicious—Baby Baroo know what’s up.


Don’t sleep on Shiku–they released three new banchan this week.

Seaweed Japchae 김당면

I was so happy to see the Japchae added to the banchan menu, as it was previously only included as part of the doshirak. It’s perfect: a robust savory seaweed flavor, with creamy hints of sesame, and it has an addictive kick to it like Hot Cheetos (the sensation not the flavor) that makes you want to just keep shoveling in bite after bite.

Asparagus with Pine Nut 아스파라거스 잣소스 무침

What an absolute banger. Asparagus probably doesn’t get much love, but when it gets the Baroo treatment it absolutely sings. Of course, the real star here is the pine nut and mustard seed dressing. The dressing’s flavor is very reminiscent of what you’d find at Baroo instead of a more the more traditional flavor profiles that Shiku trades in, but they should seriously consider bottling and selling this because it is absolutely chuggable.

Baechu Kimchi Bokkeum 배추 김치 볶음

Shiku’s house Kimchi is phenomenal, but this is better. Here, white kimchi is wok fried perilla oil and perilla seeds, and has also only been included previously as part of the doshirak. It’s a challenger to the throne–do not miss it.

Updated banchan power ranking as it stands right now:

  1. Myulchi Saewoo Bokkeum with Walnut 잔멸치새우 호두 볶음
  2. Jinmichae Bokkeum with Toasted Peanut 진미채 땅콩 볶음
  3. Baechu Kimchi Bokkeum 배추 김치 볶음
  4. Wanja Jeon 고기완자전
  5. Seaweed Japchae 김당면
  6. Mat Doenjang with Pork
  7. Hobak Saewoo Jeon 호박새우전
  8. Kimchi 김치
  9. Chili Chamchi 고추 참치
  10. Musaengchae 무생채
  11. Mu Namul 무나물
  12. Shredded Potato + Fish Cake 감자채 볶음
  13. Naengi Muchim 냉이 무침
  14. Chwinamul 취나물
  15. Gim Jaban 김(돌)자반볶음

Normally a power ranking goes from Elite to Trash, but even those clocking in at the bottom half here are phenomenal. I can’t recommend any one of Shiku’s banchan enough.


I’m not a big fan of Korean food, but this food is pretty good. The chicken has excellent flavor and good moistness.

I admit… I LOVE Korean food… but am particular about it. I love things like KimBap and JapChae… but generally find the soups dish watery and meat dishes one note. I really never had any interest in Baroo… because as much as I love pickled and a good Banchan spread… even then… I rarely just went to a place for the Banchan or KimChee. It was just a nice bonus…

Still, there something SO appealing to me about ShiKu. We had done a lot of house stuff this week and finally felt good enough for a nice long bike ride (although ask my knees tomorrow) So in the morning, ordered Shiku to go and we went meandered on up!

I am so glad we ordered to go because GCM was SOOOO Crowded! They are not minding the entrances (I imagine it would be hard…) and even though lots of places are closed, the places open were doing bang up business! There was lines for the scant out door seating… and the park over by Angel’s Flight is completely blocked off. Still on Hill there is a nice strip of grass over at Angelus plaza. So we were able to procure a nice distanced spot and enjoy our order while it was hot and fresh and crispy…

We got the KFC. It was very nice… Crispy, juicy and the sauce was really good. Still… it was KFC… we probably won’t order it again. We hope that next time they may have more specials… or we order another plate…

For the plate we did order we got the Mushrooms. HolyCau. These were great. SUPER crisp and so yummy with Mushroom flavor (We love mushrooms.) Generous portion too. They also give you plenty of rice and three small, but a nice taste of Banchan. Would order this again for sure!

The other thing we ordered, was the Chili Chamchi… Spicy Tuna Salad. I was hesitant at first because I’ve had Korean Spicy Tuna from a can… and as I say… I used to make Cat Food. I have eaten cat food (stand by your products people) and so I know cat food quality tuna especially… and so… if you have seen our Fancy Tuna thread… I am super super super picky about my Tuna…

Nevertheless… this was excellent stuff. I was worried it would be greasy… and it kinda is… but it doesn’t taste that way. It’s remarkably clean when eaten with rice. Doesn’t coat the mouth at all like some Korean Omma magic… For $5.50… this is a STEAL because it would make such a great meal with just a bowl of rice. Or how I plan to have it next time… on top of a tostada with some mashed avocado…

I did not buy the Sesame Oil… I WILL BUY IT. As soon as I use up what I have… But I did purchase Sonoko Sakai’s Curry Powder. You can smell the rich tumeric scent through the bag! I look forward to trying as Curry Rice and Noodles are a staple here. The scent already reminds me more of my long lost Sam Woo Singapore Noodles… so that will be had…

A very successful first outing. With this and Sari Sari house… many rice lunches will be had a GCM in the future… although to go for the time being…


Finally found time to make a visit.

Curbside takeout is a disaster at GCM — literally nowhere to park when I went. I gave up and parked in the garage and walked in to pick it up. Perhaps you’ll be smarter than me and avoid peak lunch hour on a Saturday, but the place is jam-packed, so be mentally prepared for that.

Basically got OOE (except for the fries) because why not? Very happy to report that nearly everything met expectations and then some. The only misses for me were the Mu Namul (the texture just isn’t my thing) and the kalbi which was fine but nothing amazing. Best part of this smorgasbord is that we have tons of delicious banchan left overs that will be paired with many a bowl of rice.

Now if they could just set up a second location that isn’t located in the hell pit that is GCM…


For curbside, what I do (and what they’ve told me) is to pull up on the Broadway side, drive past the outside dining area, and then head into the right lane that the cars are parked at, then just double-park as close as you can to the parked cars and turn on your hazards. STAY IN YOUR CAR. I went on a Sunday and did that and no one bothered me. Then call them when your order is ready and let them know the make & color of your car.

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you can also pull into the rideshare pick up area off of hill and to the left of the parking garage entrance and have them drop your food off there. i’ve done this for fat & flour too.