Shocking QPR: Pizza Romana

I think the reason that I thought PF was Neapolitan was a previous thread (I believe it was here on FTC not CH) about the various fast casual chain pizza places that have opened up around town the last several years. I’ve never been to Pitfire, so I assumed they made a similar pizza as the other places.

Hehe. I know what you mean. So. Many. Neapolitan places. I don’t get it, personally. Not my preferred type of pizza, so I’m pleased to see places like this opening.

Side note: if you have to go to Pitfire, get the field mushroom pizza. I actually crave it.

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I’m quite fond of the Big Sur, and I’m a cheap bastard so I get the kid’s pepperoni pizza for $5 to-go. Because my kid at home wants a small pepperoni pizza…yeah that’s it. Find a higher QPR pepperoni pizza for $5 - you can’t do it.

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not sure I’ll get there, but thanks for the tip! mushroom pizza is my favorite

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Don’t dig on shellfish personally, but I’ll keep that in mind for my peeps who do!

Have been driving by Pizza Romana since it opened on my way to and from a couple clients…never seen many people inside and often was passing by between 4-7pm when theres no parking on La Brea…finally had a chance today and it was excellent…seemed very similar to Neapolitan style pizza…couldnt see or taste much of a difference…either way, it was an eye opener and i hope they can make it there! An extremely tasty Margherita with sausage…im a happy camper!

Been going there since they opened and it really should be a lot more packed given their pricing for this area. And price doesn’t appear to be increasing

Food is really quite good. It’s not just a simple pizza place. Their lasagna side is fairly big and only 8$, nice meatballs, nice prosciutto, mozza, arugula salad under 10. Loads of great pizzas under 10… had the Amatriciana last night was best I’ve had there because of the super porky guancale.

Gelato from Sicily.

Plenty of other good dishes

Tons of Italian wines in the 20-30 range. Had a very decent bottle for 20 last night! Unheard of.

Had a pizza, mac and cheese side for the kid, prosciutto cheese salad, lasagna and a bottle of wine for 53$!!!

Really nice Somm there, related to owner, going to start a tasting program. Highly suggested.

Sorry no pics.


why would parking stop anyone… go to side streets and walk a block or two… cmaaan LA peeps.

went back yesterday for a couple of pizzas to go. dudes working yesterday were way too lax… took forever and then pizzas just sat there ready waiting for us waiting for them… while they knew we were there… regular management wasn’t present.


Hi @lapizzamaven,

Nice! :slight_smile: How’d you like their pizza compared to DeSano, Settebello and others around L.A.?

Hi @Nemroz,

Wanted to ask you also, how do you like the pizza here compared to your favs in the city? :slight_smile: Thanks.

to be honest, growin up in NYC, i generally prefer a bit firmer crust than most Neapolitan pies…this was a bit firmer…but close…i prefer more sausage and not crumbled like Pizza Romana does it but def a great pizzeria in the La Brea hood!

at 9, 10$ per pie I like it a hell of a lot. Amatriciana was great yesterday. With Olio now closed by us, the options are kind of slim. Prova is a bit of a drive.

but yea, it’s no Sotto obviously

I agree. I usually get the 4 cheese pizza—it has sausage and red onion and yes, more sausage would be great (larger pieces). A little tid-bit: the sausage is custom Pizza Romana sausage from Marconda’s Meats @ the original Farmers Market.

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i’ll check out the other pie…definitely will be returning!

These guys were quite good, (and the helping of prosciutto was both generous and delicious) I’d have to give it to DeSano’s. Their crust is pretty special.

i’d agree based on pictures of DeSano alone



that’s great! yes Emanuele is the wine dude… good fella

yeah, looks like you were right about Alex bringing his cousin in as the wine guy.

I’m not playin games here :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if it was Alex who approached me when I was at romana. He was incredibly enthusiastic and effusive. Normally I appreciate that sort of thing, but he had a total ‘waiter moment’ where the moment he came to chat and ask me how things were was RIGHT as I was seriously tucking in to a slice. So I sat there, swallowed, and chatted with him as my last 2.5 slices cooled. He must have been on autopilot, because when I mentioned casually that I didn’t drink, he STILL went on about the wine program for a couple minuntes.

Still delicious, but he’s gotta work on his timing. The gelato was pretty tasty.